2022 Season?

Just wondering if anyone has had any insight into the 2022 season, when it might start, how it might be played out? Will leagues be combined again?, Cups?, timetable etc?


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Won’t be any news on that for quite some time. All restrictions related. And we won’t know where we are till after Christmas at least

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Depends on how meaningful Christmas is …


I cant see beyond more of the same…

tbh I quite enjoyed the 2021 calendar.
I would miss playing against the southside teams after a while, but did not miss the odd midweek trek across town


Couldn’t agree more. Thursday heading from swords to say cabinteely and the Sundays game would be fins. Never made sense.

Hope we go back to full league programme.
No promotion/relegation for the past 2 years could mean some very lob sided leagues.


Surely they could promote the winners of North and South and relegate the bottom team on each side.
Or even add a game by making the top two and bottom two go into “playoffs/semi’s”, higher placed team gets a home game.


They can’t go another year without relegation.

Teams in div3 and Div4 completely out of their depth.


I think it would in most cases possible to facilitate a calendar of not having to cross the city midweek . It is better to have all county leagues I think

It’s a nightmare now with the future being working from home . Won’t have half as many going from the city centre as previously

Hopefully the decision not to play AFL 9-11 on Sunday afternoons is kept but they will have to bring promotion and relegation back, in hindsight it should have been in this year.


They should relocate Junior football entirely to Friday night and make it a social event for teams


I’m not fcukin training four nights a week and going to the gym five mornings a week for a social event!!!

Said no-one … ever.


The season was over in the blink of an eye for many , for the successful less so , you cannot have relegation in a league where you did not meet on the field of play all your adversaries, the north south thing works when there is an equal amount in the league some leagues had a near 75-25 split
The return of a full calendar does the following helps young lads out of minor get game time , it helps you build to championship, you get to practice, it curtails a certain amount of training for trainings sake
Cannot think of one single reason why anyone would not want to play a full calendar , geographic issues aside which will always be there

Don’t forget the CCC have to insert the U19 fixtures this year too. Expect chaos with pitches, referees, mentors and also with players


Hopefully keep the same format as last season with promotion / relegation and keep leagues 9-12 on a Monday evening all worked very well.

Really depends on how things go in the next 4 weeks

Is there an u19 league planned or just a championship?

League pre summer and championship from Sept afaik

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As things stand the plan is to restart leagues in February AFAIK… But I wouldn’t bet a cent on it, cases the way they are we are looking at another few month lockdown but should at least be shorter than the last 5 month one


Saw in their email that the window to run off the league is significantly shorter now. Something like 20 weeks to run off the leagues from their usual start times in Mid Feb to End of July when AI Final is.

Doesn’t seem feasible to run off 15 football & 11 Hurling fixtures in that time span. Not able to do midweek games until April/May and then 4/5 bank holiday weekends in that time frame. Good chance that North/South split is here to stay