2022 Season?

Has there been any communication from board ss to whether playoffs and league finals will be going ahead on weekend of 16th and 17th july or will it be pulled cause clubs wont have access to county lads .

They would have known when scheduling that they probably wouldnt have access to these players. I’d imagine the play offs/finals will go ahead as scheduled

Playoffs won’t go ahead that weekend unless Dublin loses the AI Semi-Final since teams using Reg 8 won’t play those fixtures meaning the league wont be finished so they don’t know who would be in those playoff places yet

Its included in Reg that any playoff games dont have to be played w/o IC layers

So will any of last 2 games go ahead or just ones without county lads . Surely thats unfair on teams . All should play if we are really interested in split season IMHO. But if not none should play so its a level playing field

Only teams that have IC players can enact Reg 8. Games, where no Dublin players would be involved, will go ahead as scheduled. I would imagine only teams with something to play for will enact it, so either relegation weary or promotion hopefuls teams.

Div 1, Ballymun probably use it to get out of relegation dodge, hard to know if teams up the top end will use it

In Div2 I would expect Raheny, Whitehall and OPER to use it as they are all in the promotion hunt.

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No point being presumptuous, Dublin need to win on Saturday for one round of games to be postponed. If that doesn’t happen there’s no issue


Would be nice to know what happens in both scenarios. Dont think thats too much to ask is it


Hang on which season are we in ? The club or county ?

And hurlijg championship fixed for the tuesday after the play offs. Alot of teams gonna be having arguments with hurling managers to allow the hurlers play where needee

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So now dublin have beaten cork which every dog on street would of expected . Do we know if games will be played next sat . In 6 days time . Again how hard was it for board to give clubs both scenarios . Players need to arrange work weekends away weddings , partys , hols etc . As in have a life

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Any team that wants to enact Reg8 will have their games postponed this weekend. The rest of the fixtures will go ahead

Game down for Sunday 10th at 3.30pm. Hurling Semi’s are next weekend.

It’ll be league game 14 next Sat