2022 Ulster Senior Football Championship

Starts today as the defending All-Ireland Champions Tyrone are immediately in action in a first round tie against Fermanagh in Enniskillen.

Not on tv is it?

Would expect a Tyrone win, wonder can Fermanagh put them under a bit of pressure, probably the best chance they have of beating them but a long shot

Tyrone game on Sky Sports.

Yep on Sky Sports Arena later.

It’s a very young panel Fermanagh have. Maybe they will be able to frustrate them early on but that’s the best I can see them doing. Some good young players like Darragh McGurn but not enough depth on quality. Still a couple years away.

Ah lovely stuff, might throw that on so

Michael O’Neill black card for Tyrone in the opening minute!


Tyrone won the sin bin 2-1 but Fermanagh lead 3-2 at the quarter mark of the match. Both half forward Ryan Lyons and full back Johnny Cassidy have been impressive so far.

Beautiful high arcing point just curling inside the posts from Ryan Lyons to put Fermanagh 5-2 up.

McCurry bringing Tyrone back into this. Fermanagh should be ahead by more.

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Good first half. Tyrone lead Fermanagh by a point at the break 1-6 - 0-8. A late Conor Meyler goal in the half put Tyrone in front before the impressive Ryan Lyons responded with a point outside of the boot. Cathal McShane just nudging Tyrone in front in first half injury time.

Fermanagh a missed a few easy scores and should be in front but the way they’ve played is really encouraging.

Dominant 3rd quarter from Tyrone 7-1 and then Liam Rafferty’s first championship goal has put this game to bed leading by double digits now. 2-14 - 0-9

Brainless from Tyrone getting in row at the end. Red card for Conor McKenna.

Liam Rafferty. Eathan Rafferty plays for Armagh.

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A good finish to the game for Fermanagh with Josh Largo Ellis and Conall Jones notching their first championship goals to make the scoreboard look a little kinder but it was much better from the Red Hand in that second half scoring 1-11 in total.

Substitute Conor McKenna made a big impact in that second half with two points from play and being involved in the Rafferty goal. Unfortunately he undid all that good work getting needless sent off in injury time wrestling with the defender off the ball. He won’t be available now for the quarterfinal vs Derry (unless the red card is overturned.)

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Wouldn’t be hugely surprised to see An Doire turn them over. Cue long literary eulogies from Uncle Joe…

Tyrone look like the season after syndrome

Well @Rufus_T_Firefly

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Total joke! Although I’m unsure if the fault lies with the appeal system or the scourge of poor refereeing that is very evident in GAA at the moment.

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At the moment? Been there for decades. Any attempt to clean up has been cosmetic at best.

Cleared on a technicality

This is an absolute shambles.