2022 Winter Olympics

Is it all downhill for him now?

(I’ll get me own coat so…)

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On a slippery slope with these puns, now.

Skating on thin ice

Snow joke when the pun police show up.

Snowflakes :roll_eyes:

They think we’re taking the piste with the puns.

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That won’t cut any ice with them


Hasn’t been snow puns for ages. So long now it made Al pine for them.

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That’s right. I’m in up to my thice in the way this conversation is drifting, that’s what sled to this situation. I would go on but avalanche date with a cool cat at the local café. Wouldn’t want to luge’er, better get me pallets n crates on, innuit…

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Our bobsleigh team just never got going.



'Hon Tommy

14th out of 95 finishers

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And he wasn’t even in the team, he was just heading back to a massage parlour at the other side of where the course was to try to find his wedding ring before the missus woke up.

I know they’re big into their winter sports around Helsinki but 95 Finishers in the race is a bit ott.

To be fair which teenager hasn’t confused their medication with their elderly grandparents angina tablets


Can we just ban the feckn Russians already? As a country, they’re basically trolling the rest of the world.

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She says she is “happy” but “emotionally tired” after the past week.

Grandfather isn’t Eamon ‘Tired and Emotional’ Dunphy by any chance :grin::grin:

A 15 year taking drugs probably under duress , it’s child abuse. Allowing her to continue the final nail in the coffin of the idea the IOC is serious about tackling doping. Only a complete ban on international sport for the Russians will start to combat this issue. Not the only country at it but they seem to be the worst.


They’re consistently caught and like you say giving these to a 15-year-old is a disgrace.

How does it work that she is allowed complete but if she wins a medal there won’t be a ceremony?

Being 15 is nuts. Olympics should be for adults who can provide their own consent to compete