2023 Leinster Senior Football Championship

Up against O’Rourke’s mordor in the final then I guess.

We have to win our QF first :roll_eyes:….


Make it at least 18 (unless they were to meet in the 2023 Final :wink:) years now since the last time Dublin played Offaly in the Leinster Football Championship.

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Leinster football is dead.

16, they met in 2006 Leinster final

Your really would wonder at what point they’ll out the provincials out of their misery.

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Can never figure out why they do the draw this early. Who really gives a shit?


Until Ulster (and Munster) stop saying No

Munster? Football?

Agree re draw. Literally couldn’t care less seven months in advance. Especially when the outcome is all but certain.

That is some lopsided draw in Connaught, disgraceful.

There is going to be the mother and father of hidings dished out in final .

So either portlaoise or Wexford park next year Infront of 4/5 thousand people.More than likely Kildare in semifinals followed by meath in final .

Looks like Des Cahill will be a fan again next year.

Just hope “The Witch” doesn’t get the hosting chair at TSG.

Nah the live game is still the big gig.

Damien Lawlor could get it. Does some of the club games and think he did one or two Saturday games during the summer


Can I hold you to that? :rofl::rofl:

Anyone got any idea of what dates these (Dublin) games will be on. Need to book holidays for next year and would hate to miss a game through poor planning.

Got these dates from The Indo last week. Leinster 1/4 April 23. Semi April 30.Final May 14. Similar to yourself I schedule holidays around Dublin fixtures


All Ireland Qtr finals July 1st & 2nd
Semi Finals July 15th&16th
Final 31st July

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Thanks lads. I found the dates for the all Ireland round robin onwards alright, was just struggling to find any specific dates for Leinster.

Not finalised yet I think. Probably 3 fairly short and sharp games once it gets going.

All 2023 fixtures are available on www.GAA.ie