2023 Leinster SFC Final: Dublin v Louth, Croke Park, Sunday May 14th, 1:45 pm

Louth are in their first Leinster Final since 2010 and looking to win their first Delaney Cup since 1957. Dublin are going for the nifty baker’s dozen.

The last meeting between these two in a Leinster Final was in 1958 so it is a bit of a novel pairing in that respect. Dublin won that match 1-11 - 1-6 and Kevin Heffernan got 1-1 that day. They also went on to win the All Ireland that year defeating Derry in the final.


We’re you at it Ohmser you were. I heard it was an awful dirty day at HQ

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I’m 29 so no. :joy: I have a file of the match report from the indo downloaded somewhere. I believe it was of the few Leinster finals that took place outside Croke Park as well.

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3 posts in and were talking about getting the dubs out of croker again…


Love a road trip . What Glen doesn’t realise is Dublin fans would happily travel to another venue as we are bored rigid whacking a mole in CP.

At least the beer is cheaper …

On the game itself . Interesting to see the keeping selection

If Cluxton plays then he’s 100 percent number one again that’s for sure

could be worse, ye could be from Kerry

Lane and Seamas Aldrige would have to be tag team refs for Louth to have much of a chance.

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i think the fuckers always throws a few pence on the pint when the Dubs are in town

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They definitely did in Portlaoise.

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no need for it, their gettin money they wouldn’t have gotten which is a bonus anyway. just pure greed

suspect he will play but there’s no doubt about the top keeper. in the game that is.
that he didn’t win poty until 2019 (i think) says a lot…

I was in Portlaoise a few weeks back and paid €7 for a pint of Moretti. Granted it was the Latin quarter …


I am begining to doubt that is the case … here’s hoping for a proper Dubs performance.
Last time out was pants.

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My father gave me the run down of that game yesterday. He remembers all this stuff.
Telling me about Louth players who people in Louth may not even remember.


I remember going on a road trip with the Dubs way back in 1975. It was to Tullamore to play Offaly. Every pub and shop closed for the day because of the reputation us Dubs supporters had at the time. There was carnage in the town as that day.
The next trip was to Mullingar where we played Longford. Everywhere was open. There was no trouble.


Prob cause it was already wrecked …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Does it really matter though …

It’s just another division 2 game …

You could almost say “it’s only the league” … with another Div2 NFL fixture against Kildare should we manage to fall over the line on Sunday.
A descending journey through Dante’s Inferno (Circle Line now boarding) with Sisyphus’ rock tied to one’s back.
Mind the gap.


Here’s hoping for a bit of invention on Sunday . Not the constipated football that was on show against Kildare .
Maybe put an electric tag on Kilkennys ankle , If he receives the ball in an advanced position and he turns to run back towards our goal he gets an electric shock .
Or get Keith Barry into the dressing room just before throw in to hypnotise the lads, so that when they receive a pass they believe they can only move forward with the ball.

Sleep , Ok eyes open wide awake . Now lads when you receive a pass from a fellow teammate you will feel the uncontrollable urge to run towards the opponents goal with the football and only play attacking football for the duration of 70 mins .


Now that might have some sort of impact.