2023 Season

To each their own, set up how you like, if we’re good enough we’ll tear it down, game becomes like basketball if we keep changing the rules

Already is basketball in fairness.

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is there a Dublin game this weekend :thinking:

Hurlers are playing Galway :tada::tada:

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youuuu fooooler

I wouldn’t have ever thought there were many similarities between basketball and rugby.
Not dismissing your points (yet!!) but in what way is it like either or both of those?

Defence line

Breaking the line

Trailing runners

Can add at least another 5

All rugby jargon . Lot of coaching setups have ex rugby players … why I can’t figure out .

As regards basketball . 3.5 hand passes to a kick pass

Fascinating though apparently

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You hear “full court press” :basketball: regarding opp kick-outs all the time.
More Rugger ones include “choke tackle” for bottling a fella up with two or more lads.

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