2023 Tailteann Cup

Group stage action begins today.


Laois were doing alright against Cavan until a strange penalty was given against them. Knocked a bit of wind out of them and then Cavan turned the screw in the 2nd half. Small looking crowd in breffni park

Cavan surely big favs to win this outright ? Some brutal teams in it, crikey

That’s a bit harsh on Laois

That’s kind of the idea. You do realize it’s bottom tier teams?

Aye I do horse. But didn’t realise there was as many until I saw it written down on paper !

How did Wexford lose to that Laois mess of a team if they can put it up to Fermanagh

The other half is Cavan, he said they be disgusted if they don’t win it easy. But then again, he said that last year too.

It’s a good competition though

Shows the value of teams playing at their own level


What lots of people here have been looking for, last few years Worth winning for anyone, even Meath.

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Meath burning it up in Port Lairge …

Shirt highlights on Rte. Absolutely no one at these games. And damn all coverage. Hard to see this escaping the curse of various other efforts.

Read something similar from T O’Se I think.

Just isn’t generating much interest with near empty stadiums.

Good concept…but might take a while to get fans to travel and fork out cash.

Only the group stages remember. Things will start to pick up in a few weeks and attendances should improve a bit. Last year the competition was straight knock out so it wasn’t as much of a problem.

Teams need games to improve. I m sure Waterford footballers are fairly used to playing in front of no one.

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Can’t see it improving. The league is a bigger deal to these teams I think.

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How many would turn up to see Meath v Waterford in the qualifiers

■■■■ all too

Tomas never played for a shit kick a bucket county

Not sure he’s much of an authority on the matter

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That’s my point. What is the point exactly. If it’s just more games that no one cares about.

I think it’s a pretty good carrot for teams.
The Winner is guaranteed to be in the All Ireland Series.
I went to a 1/4, two Semis and the Final last year. Hugely competitive and great entertainment all around.
Rock on Tailteann!!