2023 Ulster Senior Football Championship

It’s not a pro-Armagh thing.

Just always liked K McG as a player - how he comes across - and think as a manager he doesn’t deserve a lot of the criticism.

Different if Armagh were producing lots of good underage players and they were getting lost in the system.

For me the best coach in ulster - for consistency and getting teams to punch above their weight - is M O’R by far.


Thank you, my friend. I’ve said here before that having a team that come so close to winning an Ulster Title is nothing short of alchemy. The standard of football in Armagh is terrible.


I was at a great Seisiun in Kane’s Bar in Ballymacash, Co. Armagh last night. It was part of Fleadh Ard Mhaca’s Seisiun Trail. Several more coming up in Lurgan, Armagh City, Porty Dine over the next couple of weeks. There’s tons of great musicians in the Orchard. Disappointment was evident among the crowd about the Ulster Final loss but they were well soothed by good music all night.


I don’t understand Armagh’s tactics

Gone backwards in 12 months