2nd Boil notice for North Dublin (MON 4/11/19)

There is boil notice for much of North Dublin (City & County) and parts of Kildare and Meath. Over 600,000 people affected. IT story on it below, the Irish Water website seems to have crashed.


Thank you for that info.

"If its brown drink it down ,if its black send it back "

Don’t forget to take up the pets water too. Better safe than sorry


We’ve had to put up with a boil (5aliveoh) for yonks on Res Dubs and we got no notice about it!

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Says ResDubs own combustible kettle :wink:

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Just in from doing the weekly shopping and it’s like breadgate from last March except for genuine reasons this time

What was that?

Sorry, March 2018

Ah yes! Sorry, should have copped that!

Why are people stockpiling bread? Are they using it to boil water? :thinking:

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I had a boil once. Very sore… A sharp knife into boiling water and off you go. Hurt yourself to make yourself feel better.

I see Irish water still call us customers.

Imagine that their website crashed because of this! The 50 million on consultants obviously didn’t include I.T. consultants! We should set up ‘Irish Bread’ and have a proper laugh!

That’s crazy. It’s still water.

Tesco sparkling water has red bubbles in it ?

No shit!

Yeah they were at it again this morning… Could all this be the biggest scaremongering job ever carried out in this State to get us to pay?

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