5 in a row - your memories

I well remember 2014. And the nasty cow from Donegal who had my then 9 year old in tears with her behaviour. I put my arm around him and told him not to mind her. That we’d have days like this and would have to grin and bear it but it would make the winning days sweeter. I looked at him a few moments later and the tears were gone.

Little did I know then what the next 5 years would bring. The tears have had no reason to even return. Before every final I take a picture of him in the house with his ticket before we leave. It is a great way to watch him grow … and what a time it has been.

He is 14 and has seen Dublin win 5 in a row and 6 in total - he was too young to bring in 2011. But what a time to be a Dublin GAA supporter - young or old.

Last night was the icing on the cake for me. I don’t mind what happens from here on. I have had the absolute privilege of watching this team all this decade. Watching these men grow too. Bring Dublin from a sympathy case to be the preeminent force in Gaelic football. A team that brings pride, honour and sheer joy to this city and county of ours.

A manager who has imbued the team with real values; humility, selflessness and respect. The success has been unprecedented and glorious but the manner in which it has been achieved has added to it. Dublin always like to do things in style, history is important and this team has honored all that history and tradition and how.

In a year we lost Anton, as I wrote at the time of his funeral, these men stand on the shoulders of giants and are true, true giants themselves.

We cannot thank all of them enough for what they have done. Their deeds will stay with us forever - what memories to have!

What are your particular favourite ones?


Lee Keegan getting the black card and an early shower in 2016 (or was it '15?) is hands down my best memory.

The cheer on the Hill was as loud as for any Kev Mc wonder goal…

Deep down, I’m very shallow.

Will try to have something more profound when its sank in, but for now, it’s just too fresh and raw.


Meeting up with family and friends after the final to celebrate. Especially the folk who were there in the 80s 90s etc and remember the sickening defeats . They appreciate these years more than most.


I went into the handball club after 2011. I’ve never been in an atmosphere like it. The fact that we where in what is effectively a dank hall with a bar didn’t matter. 16 years of dissapointment and frustration evaporated in an instant and was replaced by pure elation, an outpouring of joy, bliss on tap. Arm in arm we sang the night away. Little did we know, it was going to get better.


The 2015 final was the sweetest of the five in a row run for me. After the 2014 Donegal semi final there was a lot of nagging doubt about whether we had the discipline to modify our game from the all-out-attack model to a more composed, patient style. I felt that we were a good bit better than Kerry going into that final and our first half performance showed that, in particular Paddy Andrew’s and Philly’s points. The atmosphere at HT in the Hill concourse was incredible. The only shame was that the scoreboard at the end didn’t reflect our dominance on the field due to a rather poor attacking performance in the second half. Still the second half did feature Aidan O’Mahony getting the black card for bringing down Kev Mc and Alan Brogan’s point to seal the win!

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Dub 09 brilliant post fair play been some run alright, hard to pick 1 moment above all most were too close to really enjoy and savour I guess deanos free to win a titanic match is the moment of moments but there was so much other good stuff along the way. Murchs goal yesterday was fantastic too and so many hadn’t made it back after the break…the muppets !

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I have literally a mirror image of this. After '14 my then 7 year old daughter and I walked out of croker, traffic stopped in drumcondra /Dorset St no taxis and we walked, we stopped at the bus shelter at Griffith Ave for a rest (she was 7) and then she asked me why so many people mainly kids were giving us the 1 finger salute?. As I sat beside her on the bus shelter with not a 33 or 41 in sight I put my arm around her told her to remember this day cause one day it will make sense and be all the sweeter. I watched 83 on TV I was only 7 myself at the time, I cried when Mullins got the line, the pain of 91, 92 93,94, the early noughties, I’m delighted that she has been there since '14 she’s 12 now but she understands, she marks the score stats on her program each game, she writes down her team during the week before (she’s also never far off to be fair). I went out last night (cough cough), I got a what’s app from her that simply said Up the Dubs




That is pure gold. Cherish every second.


The main thing five in a row memory for me is beating Kerry. In the final in '15, the 2016 semi final and then yesterdays 2019 final. This on the back of the 2011 final and beating them again in 2013 semi.

Why Kerry its not vindictive or any hatred but from the late 70’s and 80’s we took some hidings from them and never got a chance to play them in the early 90’s when we were dominant. 2009 was one of the lowest points following Dublin, Kerry gave us a hiding I thought we were further away than ever from landing Sam and maybe all the jibes were true we were no longer the Footballing force we once were.

Nobody tell me that proving our dominance over them was best part of a five in a row, No disrespect but if it were Tyrone/Donegal/Galway in the final would not mean the same. The hype about five in a row came from Kerry to do it against them made it unbelievably sweet.

FIVE IN A ROW, to quote Michael Daragh UNBELIEVABLE ! Up the Dubs


Highlight for me was James MacCarthy last ten minutes versus Mayo 2017. Our greatest ever footballer (IMHO) would not be denied.


It’s wonderful to have started and finished the 5 in a row by beating Kerry in the final.

Great to make the ‘pure footballers’ from Kerry to revert to a deeply defensive blanket to try beat us!

Some of the great days in the last number of years have been the league games down in Kerry, Castlebar etc. Great night’s away!

These are the days of our lives and it is just great to enjoy it with family and friends


To win 5 on the bounce is amazing, it’s the holy grail of the GAA but as someone who has been following the lads since the 70’s to do it the way we did is particularly satisfying.

When you think about it, this campaign we’ve played and beaten all the teams that have caused us the most trouble & grief over the years… Kildare, Meath, Cork, Mayo, Tyrone and of course above all Kerry.

If we were to pick out the toughest route to win 5 in a row, that was it and we did it. Enjoy the party my friends, it’s one hell of a team we have.


While hard to pick one over the other as they are are all special but yesterday was most emotional for me. My dad has had a tough year with health and we thought our days in croker together were over , but to stand side by side at 730 last night arm in arm watching history be made is a memory that will live forever. Thank you Jim , Clucko and all those legends. I’m still in awe of the 70s team but these guys today are super heroes


I break memories into two distinct categories young me and old me with kids , having suffered many a days torture my son only knew losing , to sit with him in the pissings of rain when we beat Kerry 2015 a year after the boy left in tears v donegal I will take to my grave , i am old enough to have attended in 70s and onwards but my greatest ever GAA memory 2011 that kick


Good to hear that @Macca - continued good health to your Dad.

@Stato82 would be better for this but this team has smashed records en route to the 5 in a row that will never be equalled IMO. Stephen Cluxton’s Championship appearances, an unbelievable unbeaten Championship run of 37 matches, which should go to at least 40, stretching back to 31 August 2014. It’s all incredible really. Only three Championship defeats in the decade - all at semi final stage.

My dad passed two years ago , he took me to my first game 1974 , I have the best of jerseys etc
I took out dads old Dublin Fred Perry t shirt which I took ownership when he passed and put it on yesterday ,hope you and your old man had a ball GAA is family


He may not have featured as much this year…but as the dust settles on the 5 in a row & we can start to stitch together some coherent analysis of all the memories, one man looms large in my thoughts.


And his balls of steel in 2015. The start of this glorious run.

If we won in 2011 & 2013 through no small measure of skill & grit & determination, in 2015, he more than anyone else, instilled a rod of steel into our backbone that is still there today. And teams know that now. We just won’t be bullied. End of. And he exemplified that more than anyone else.

He may not be everyones cup of tea, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without it. Mr McMahon, I salute you sir !


I particularly remember the way we held onto the ball at the end of 2017, Cluxton had nerves of steel and he had my nerves shattered.

Great post Dub 09. After 2014 your name could’ve been Dub OhNein! if we hadn’t won it back, especially if Kerry had beaten us. But they didn’t, and the 2014 set-back involved us avoiding a potentially similar fate as befell us Vs Donegal if we had got through to play Kerry, or if it had been Kerry in the semi-final. Now imagine that, how much more painful, and the breaking of the run we have now put together against them. The sort of run that is now approaching, in terms of games if not years, the run they had over us for so, so long!

And there are so many favourite moments from the last decade. Talk of the 15 final, which wasn’t at all a great game on an awful rainy day, the best moment by far was Al’s move and point, with all that went with it, his story, his comeback, the breaking ball that almost ended up being a Kerry goal that could have stolen it so much against the overall play in the match, Al & Berno exchanging passes along the way, magic.

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