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Dub but born in Belfast, brought up in Coolock, played for Kilmore (RIP), back living in Belfast a long time. Had the pleasure of lining out against the Dubs several times.
Herself is a Tyrone nut, like all her family, so i go to more of their matches, but I always wear sky blue and try cause as much annoyance to their fans as I can lol. Best day in a long time was last year sitting in the Cusack in the middle of a crowd of Tyronies when we spanked them, was a very quiet car ride home


This escaped my attention, until now.
When did you play with Kilmore?

Hello I am new to reservoir dubs, but a life long dubs fan. i came across the platfrom when looking for scores in other afl10 matchs a few weeks back. Been hooked since!

Welcome aboard.
Are you attached to or a member of a club?

Growing up in north wicklow, i played for eire og of greystones but lets just say i had two left feet! loved playing all the same and when work brought me to dublin i dabbled with some junior 5 football for kilmacud crokes, but being busy with work i never really got into in. Decided at the start of this year to stick to the sideline and watch the lords games from a distance :rofl: :joy:

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Well lads,

longtime lurker.
Originally from Stillorgan, played Nicotine 15 football with Kilmacud Crokes
Married a Cavan woman, moved to Virginia in 2015 and somehow won a senior county medal in 2016. Didnt kick a ball all season:joy:

Howdy! Stillorgan Dub. Started going to Dubs matches as a chiseller in 1974. A good year! Lots of highs and lows since then. Try to get to every game, wherever. Hopefully lots more highs to come.

Welcome aboard, @Johnjoes