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As started by @5AliveOh with his 2016 final review, this is the area of ResDubs where we can revisit old games.

I would suggest that maybe we look at one game per week but let’s use this thread to get some ideas before going further with it.

It could be like a book club. We could pick a match - maybe post a link and ask for starting posts after a few days.

What??? Great idea? Oh thanks …


Dublin v Meath. 1991. 4th game. Your time starts now…!

I was in hospital having my 6th … saved a fortune on the drowning sorrows but.

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I’m still in recovery! The Barr - Heery double hit on ORourke is still a stand-out memory!!

Costello got a nice hit on him today too … :grin:

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All of our major missed penalties down the years were into the same goal/end. Dermo changed the course of history, back to the 70s…

September 18th, 2011. After the final whistle, I cried, unashamedly so for several minutes, hugging those that stood around me on the hill through the many previous hurt filled days and we wept openly. I mean, even after the 45 minutes we spent on the hill after, ring a ring a Rosie, Raglan road, with great joy, the manic walk up Clonliffe road, was interrupted by sporadic bursts of tears and cry of “F*****G YES!” That day gave me so many memories. Apart from the obvious ones of Clucko, Kevin Nolan, Berno, maxi óg etc. The feeling of it all. The Burlo that night. Jeysus. That will be hard bate! Still my best day ever. EVER

Got a ticket for the final but gave it to the Kerry father in law . Had brought the wife to every game & I had become deeply superstitious that year so didn’t want to tempt fate . Went to Hedigans to watch the match . Day started off badly , Celtic were walloped 4.2 by Rangers . Got worse with the late Tipp goal in the minor match . Perked up before the game . Watching Bryan Cullen shake hands with the Kerry captain ( think it was Gooch , could be wrong ) on AI final day seemed like some sort of dream to me . Was this actually happening , were we in an AI final . Happy enough with things up to half time . Then a familiar dread came over me as the second half progressed . Cooper sells McMahon a dummy & it begins to dawn on me the game is up .I am literally shaking with anger / anxiety . It becomes too much & I walk out of the bar to the smoking area out the back . I can kinda make out the big screen , but not very clearly . I’m the only person out there . I hear a roar , but I’m too afraid to go in . Another roar , still no movement , another roar . My superstition kicks in again . This must be a good thing . If I go in we’ll surely lose . Quiet for a bit . Then another roar . I’m still not sure what’s going on as the screen has become kinda blurry . Then , another roar . But this is different , the roaring isn’t stopping . I run into the pub acting like I know what’s after happening . Did it really happen , was this all a dream . I’m crying too now hugging the wife .
I go out for a smoke , I watch people arrive in from Croker like soldiers returning from war .
Still takes time to kick in . I promise myself after that I’ll nearly walk out of watching a game again .Luckily I never had to do it for the next four finals .Life was complete after that .


Jaysus Christ almighty Unbelievable, that’s one of the maddest stories I’ve ever read about the famous breakthrough in 11!! Did you tell that one before? Either you’ve got delusions of grandeur or you’re responsible for the great breakthrough.

I just cannot believe that somebody would force themselves to stay away after the goal went in. People would have come out and said a goal was scored, or you would hear it being shouted out, you couldn’t possibly remain ignorant of it. You would know from the reaction alone it had to be a Dubs’ goal…

First time telling it . To be honest , I don’t know what came over me . The whole occasion became too much . I thought that was it . We’d never get to a final again & I couldn’t face watching them lose . And no , nobody came out because I was only in there with the wife . The place was wedged and we were sitting really close to the bar so I suspect she just didn’t want to lose her space & come & tell me . I had major regrets about it at the time . That’s why when I got tickets to the 4 other finals I made sure that wouldn’t happen again . I’ve never got up & left during a game in Croker , even the '09 massacre I stayed til the end . Life lesson learned there .

Just to add I couldn’t clearly make out what was happening on the screen , I was too far away so I didn’t know what the scores were taken.

Fair enough, I can identify with the intensity of the moment anyway. I couldn’t get a Hill ticket for the 2015 final so I watched it in a pub near Croker. I was so afraid we would lose to Kerry and it meant so much to regain Sam after the previous years trauma, and after dominating the game but them still having a chance to win, when the final Whistle went I ran out into the street and jumped around shouting like a lunatic. I jumped around so much when I ran out of mania I found myself 100 yards down the road facing the lads who bring the replica cup to the pubs straight after the final, they were coming to where I was first. It was overall a surreal moment(at the time I didn’t realise they did that), I couldn’t figure out how they got the cup off the team!! :flushed::grin:

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There is only one man around here that can take credit for 2011. Arise @SingaporeDub

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Like you @Unbelievable, I thought it was gone when Gooch pointed in the 62nd minute. The two auld fellas from the Clare County Board commiserating with me that we had to lose one to win one & me retorting with “It’s not over yet”. I genuinely don’t know how many times I’ve watched that final 10 minutes since…

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I’d say in the following week I probably watched it about 100 times . And each time was as enjoyable as the last . I don’t think I’ve ever felt as much joy tbh !

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