Access to Hill

Very annoyed yesterday that the jobsworths working for security wouldn’t let people go down Jones Road to get to Hill. Meant we including a not particularly well person had to walk around by Summerhill. I asked one of the cops and he said it wasn’t to do with them. Looked a bit embarrassed.

When I came out of Hogan (after One swift pint) with crowds largely gone, the Gardai were in the middle of the road. I had just about passed a female member when she stopped me and asked me to walk the other side of her. I looked at her - I thought she was winding me up. I said to her as slowly as I could, ‘You want me to walk back around that side of you’ in as incredulous a tone as I could muster while giving her my ‘are you fcukin nuts or something’ look, while shaking my head. I did as she asked looking at her the whole time - she was actually easy on the eye. There were cars to come out of the hotel but none in sight when this happened. Absolute nonsense.

Crime won’t crack itself …

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That’s often standard practice on match day where a sell out is expected. You can’t access Jones Rd unless you have a ticket for the Hogan Stand. Very surprised if it was enforced yesterday with such a small crowd attending. Bit daft the Guard didn’t speak up, seeing as it’s their idea, crowd safety and all that.

I’ve never seen people with Hill tickets not being allowed through Jones Road from Gills direction. Was at hurling semi final and they didn’t stop people, and that was 70,000 crowd. Then some eijit at the Hill roaring through a megaphone, Someone said to him: “I’ve been coming here for 40 years. I know where I’m going.” :slight_smile:

There are often GAA announcements before a match telling people Jones Rd will be closed off unless you have a Hogan stand ticket. The Guards will also tweet telling people not making plans to meet up at the Croke Park hotel to collect or swap tickets, as they won’t be let down Jones Rd, unless they already have a Hogan Stand ticket.

It seems very randomly enforced though and only seems to start at some indeterminate time. It never seems to occur to anyone to announce the Jones Rd access restriction start time, ahead of time. Because this is Ireland and that would make waaaaay too much sense. :roll_eyes:

Security guards cannot stop you. Only a Garda can. Under no circumstances would I accept any direction from a security person on a public road.


The security / policing on Jones Road post match was shambolic, there was a lot of raised tempers and voices as a result, glad it didn’t turn properly nasty to be honest.

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My brother and myself were roared at by a young wan at the Clare v Galway semi final that if we didn’t show her our tickets we weren’t getting past on to Jones Rd. It was raining so we grumbled a bit but showed the tickets. Give Irish people a uniform or any sort of yellow jacket and they turn into mini SS guards.


I say to them ‘since when did I need a ticket to go and see my granny?’

The Season Ticket office had their uniforms designed by Hugo Boss apparently


You should have walked right by her. That’s what I do. They have absolutely no right to ask you anything. The one time one of them tried to stop me I waked right past. I’ll stop for a Garda no problem. Not for jumped up twits.

Well that depends on whether your Granny is really Madonna I suppose…

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It got a bit heated outside Gills. They were making elderly people with Hill tickets who had a couple of pints in Gills treble their walk to the Hill. And for no reason. People who had being going that way before same person was born or came here.

I ALWAYS ignore stewards / security people on the streets regardless of them giving directions or looking for tickets and remind them that they have no legal jurisdiction on the streets and the Gardai have agreed with me every time. Ignore them. At the gates of the ground or inside the grounds I have no problem listening to them. fook the jobsworths.


No sympathy for any of ye’s, your own fault for hanging around the bogger end of town for pre-match pints, unless you’re in Mahers, Clonliffe or the Annesley Gaf then you deserve everything you get :wink:


Absolutely Christo, bleedin culchies the lot of them


I saw the Garda backing up the security staff both yesterday and in the rossie game. Id imagine security cant stop you but if you choose to ignore them they could ask the Gardai to stop you as Id imagine that closing off of the area is in agreement with Gardai.

Fine. I’ll follow a Garda’s instructions no problem. I won’t be listening to some nobody in a yellow vest.

In fairness they are only doing what they are told, the must have some kind of authority as the Gardai are standing beside them watching them stopping people and allowing them to do so. I would say it is the Gardai that decide which roads are closed.

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They don’t have any authority. No civilian has the power to turn you back on a public road.

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