Address to Seanad Éireann by Mr. John Horan

An historic day as John Horan became the first ever GAA President to address the Seanad. All proceedings here.

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Believe he was there to collect money owed for their two AI Ticket allocation :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Mulhern seen legging it :joy:


Nah… she was legging it over her phone bill.

It’s no wonder Horan and GAA can justify ticket increases on basis of “economy is booming”. They walk into Seanad and see that it’s so “booming” that country we can afford the retirement/steeping stone of 60 soapboxes in Seanad.

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Will be interesting to see if any action is taken in the south inner city where there are 50k people and no pitch for any sport.