Ads......the good, the bad and the ugly

So I’d put a bullet in Harvey Norman if I ever met him, plus the chaps mangling English by ‘backing brave’. The lad who sells you ‘all the dayda you can eat…’ would be given a slower death. Bring back ‘Sally O Brien and the way she’d look at you!’. Beans means Heinz alright! I like the grand-dad who is helping the young lad with monsters under his bed.

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And the shopkeeper who returns the unicorn as change to the kid buying chocolate for her Mammy.
Most heinous is the insurance companies plugging the fact that ‘there may be trouble ahead’. Shysters. Is that a racist term? Not intended as such.

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Any ad by any bank. Kuntz. And the clever little ad agencies that write that absolute tripe for them.

Anything that deirdre o kane does the voice over for


The Apres Match piss take of old ads was brilliant


Any, I mean any… car ad.

Mattress Mick is/was the best ad ever, the poster that is.

Who’s taking the horse to France?

Oh no!!! He is up there with ‘all the dayda you can eat!’. Defo getting a bullet!

The sincere voice on yer man in the Quote Devil adverts.

The Spotify jerk.

Henri Chevalier?

The Thomas Gear and Elephant Storage ads.

Would you ever fcuk of with yer nought, nought, nought phone numbers shite !

Ah, I like Rory :slight_smile:

Rory, Thomas, whatever…I have zero patience for it.


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I normally zone out for ads but radio ads are particularily excruciating they have to be in an exaggerated Townie/Foxrock or American accents, usually involve ridiculous coversations that would never take place in real life for products I wouldn’t buy. TV whos doesn’t love “Hi I’m Barry Scott from cillit bang”

Radio ads with English accents especially Fake Cockney accents always have the effect of me switching to a different brand if it’s a item that I normally buy:

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The woman doing the Hyundai ads. Jesus H Christ…how stoned does she sound?

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Y do you ask? I’d love to meet her!