Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2020

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I see a full round of games for AFL 1, 2, 3 and 4 fixed for Sunday morning, March 15, at 1030.

Given the Dubs are playing Meath at 2pm that day in Croker, I wonder will these games all be re-fixed to Saturday evening?

very unlikely I’d say. It will be up to clubs themselves to fix it. Light would be an issue to change it to Saturday games

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Round 1 this Sunday. Weather will have a major bearing on games going ahead I would think. Pitches are saturated at the moment and more heavy rain forecast Friday/Saturday.

With Dubs not playing this weekend wonder will many of the County Lads tog out with the clubs??

The dubs players be playing this weekend for clubs?

I would presume so they have in recent year’s

New manager this year. I’d suspect not all will be released

Your probably right

Clubs still waiting to hear

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All games cancelled this weekend by DCB due to weather.

Any doubt over the games this weekend ?

Would imagine there has to be. I know in Mearnog our pitches are being inspected tomorrow at 1, expected to be all good, so unless we got a massive amount of rain after that time (which does look likely unfortunately) ours will go ahead.

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Rain/sleet and snow due in over the wee hours of Saturday. Will be quite substantial and extremely windy so I’d imagine public parks will be a big doubt.

Loads of pitches off…
Do Contarf have to offer up an alternative or conceed home advantage if Ballinteer have an AW pitch available?

Clontarfs pitch will be playable.

Clontarf call whether their two pitches are on/off. They should be playable

2 great surfaces. Saw them near end of last season. When most of Dublin was under water they were in great nick.

Oh right, I woulda thought hey were captured under the above…I understand that they are a different animal than the rest.

Yeah they’re a blessing when the weather is like this but they take a fierce amount of TLC to keep them that good