Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2023

Hard to look past usual League contenders, will anyone join them :thinking:

How will newly promoted Sylvesters, Olaf’s and Raheny get on :shushing_face:

I think Syls will hold their own, a solid team last year with a good game plan for their squad.

I think Raheny and Olafs will find it more difficult, both have second teams in AFL 5 now, thats a massive step up for a squad player.

Ballymun are the most interesting team in Div 1 this year for me, Kevin Leahy managing them now, they seemed to be in big trouble at times last year. They could be at either end of the table and it wouldn’t be a massive shock

Who is managing syls now

Assuming 2 lads continue into 2023. Good underage structures & quality players coming through.

Thanks… Have improved greatly underage alright… Savage densely populated catchment area

With top class pitches now too, if they keep the progress going at underage they’ve huge potential to do well across the board

Brendan Flynn Leitrim goalie to St Judes

Down footballer Cormac Mc Cartan as well…

Change of tact by Jude’s ……


:joy: :joy: Todd Boehly new chairman there


To judes?

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Listed at No 64 on the Live Transfer List for January 2023


Anyone any idea as to when the actual club fixtures will go live on “”

About a week ago, scroll down to about page ten on Hill 16 and they are there , click into each league every game has a date

Sorry didnt read question correctly

It normally takes Approx 7-10 days after they start loading the Sports-manager Portal. They started last Monday.

Most AFL fixtures for 2023 are now up on the Portal.

thanks a million, talk about making things akward

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You wouldn’t know this was even starting at the weekend

Been plenty of chat on other divisions , every year both codes is a slow lead in ,half the time the majority of games only talk is will the pitches even be playable

I personally cant wait , will catch two games hopefully this weekend

Division 1 probably has the lowest hits I’d say . Changed times

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