Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2023

Think its also a fact that posters on here belong to certain leagues and will post frequently , others have less representation
Id say a massive amount of the posts last year in div 1 were to do with a certain match that didnt go ahead at late notice

I know very few players playing on our teams who’d bother to tune in here

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Given dubs players and the u20s won’t be available is there much excitement?

Clubs happy to maintain their status with focus on championship in August.

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Fair point . Some teams down 6-7 players

Patiently waiting for @Clubber predictions for afl1-4.!!


The big misconception is thinking this forum is anyway representative of Dublin GAA.

Most senior players and a lot of hard working Dublin GAA club people don’t even know this site exists and for those that do….well, suffice to say they don’t put much stock in the opinions here.

A few players I know from various AFL 1 clubs are raring to go for the weekend after the guts of 4 months off competitive matches


Who mentioned the players ?

I agree Rico ,players play by n large and train , those that can’t post


They all know it exists and check in but agree wouldn’t be arsed posting

Wouldn’t expect them to post but there used to be a lot of posts here in other years but kind of shows where the coverage club action gets and is

Be doing well to get a match report in any publication this year with the herald GAA gone

Very apparent plenty active here have zero club involvement too


Hearing Castleknock are having trouble with the old management team (Players). The old management want to stay on and wont let the new manager work with the team. Very tough on the new manager going into suck a toxic situation.

They have some serious talent coming up to them from U20s grade, but sounds like the old guard wont support new ideas.

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Wonder will that have a knock on affect on their 2nd & 3rd team?

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In other words the players aren’t happy with new appointment?


Sounds like a Fair City episode

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And now their young guns, all conquering Div10 South team have nowhere to progress too.


Who is new mamagement

Fixtures for this weekend

Go Ahead Adult Football League Division One
Ballyboden St Endas v Kilmacud Crokes Pairc Ui Murchu 19/02/2023 10:30
Clontarf v Skerries Harps St Annes Park 19/02/2023 10:30
St Sylvesters v St Vincents Broomfield 19/02/2023 10:30
Lucan Sarsfields v Ballinteer St Johns 12th Lock 19/02/2023 10:30
Naomh Olaf v Castleknock Pairc Ui Bhriain 19/02/2023 10:30
Raheny v Cuala St Annes Park 19/02/2023 10:30
Thomas Davis v Ballymun Kickhams Kiltipper Road 19/02/2023 10:30
St Judes v Na Fianna Tymon North 19/02/2023 10:30

Will the Castleknock players show up or are they on strike?

Na Fianna

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More reflective of the interests of the average poster here I’d argue. Most wouldn’t even know there is a club section.

Now that the glory days are over interest has wained- thats evident even from traffic on the threads in the lead up to the county football team’s league matches compared to two years ago.

Good few more interested in picking a row with anyone who shares an opinion outside of what “the cabal” (I believe you named them) wants to hear