Adult Football League 1 (AFL1) 2023

Never said my comment was based on this thread ,anyone remotely of the opinion that playing with club is encouraged is living in Enoch Burke territory
All you hear on here is pull the lad get him involved cant do him any harm , have an A B and a C squad , never understanding that training does one thing matches another

I don’t have an issue with lads playing with their clubs .

Just the load factor on players is enormous these days . I don’t believe half the training is needed at either county or senior club level and that’s where most of the soft tissue injuries happen .

That and players putting on more muscle mass then their frame can cope with

But sure these S and C coaches are all experts ….

It’s when county managers want to play 15 a side training games is where the clashes happen . Players don’t get released then. Can see both sides to that from a club and a county manager perspective


Agree with everything you’ve said there , you have to think long term there are players at a particular stage in careers and they require cotton wool treatment between games , equally there’s a young -mid age cohort who all they do is train , they don’t get to test skills .More importantly they get splinters , Id be more for players who are not getting game time (or sufficient game time) being released more often , then when or if required they bring a better sharpness
The league can only be gauged strength and ability wise as to the players allowed play in it
Hopefully with the amount of lads that turned out over the weekend its a turn in the right direction , hopefully there will be benefits to county team as a result


He started Sunday, having played for u20s on Sat. Good competition for keepers spot. I believe Turley is away travelling.

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Any reports on last nights games?

Judes match still on?

No, it’s off.

Did Paddy Small play for Ballymun? No Dublin players played in Clontarf v Boden.

Tymon called off for the weekend

Ballymun not flattered by their 10 point win, it could have been more. Much the better team, NaF very poor on the night. No Dublin players played.

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How did reddin do?

Na Fianna off to a really slow start. That’s 3 from 3. Wonder if that’s part of the plan given the long season last year.

Is it same management over them?

Same management.

Vins 1-11
Olafs 0-11

Clontarf 1-08
Boden 3-13

Is Conal Keaney still playing senior?

Syls 3-10
Crokes 0-10

Lucan 2-10
Skerries 2-07

Davis 1-11
Castleknock 1-12

Raheny 1-10
BSJ 1-08

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Syls seems to be motoring well. 3 from 3. Their second team had a big win too the other day.


They’ve settled very well, 2 or 3 more wins and they’ll be safe, that surely had to have been the first goal for the season