Adult Football League 10 (AFL10) 2016

Trinity Gaels 5-8 Naomh Barrog 5-8
Ballyfermot 1-11 Skerries Harps 2-13
Clann Mhuire 3-8 Rosmini Gaels 0-4
Cuala 5-19 Na Fianna 0-6

We bet Naul 1-10 to 0-07 and Whitehall bet Ballyfermot to leave both of us unbeaten in this league

Harps 5-7 Cuala 3-12

Na Fianna 1-18 Rosmini 0-10

Thats some win for you lads against Rosmini who had only lost one game and the only game you had one was against Croi before they withdrew! Few new lads back or whats the gig?

No idea. Just saw the result on the club twitter feed and posted it here. Dont know any of the lads involved with the team.

Result from tonight

Clann Mhuire 1-10 Whitehall Colmcille 1-10

We got a walkover against Na Fianna yesterday
Cuala bet Whitehall
Leaves us on top with 3 games to go and can afford to lose 1 of them

Rosmini bet Trinity last night 4-06 to 1-06

They had a load of bangers out… Result currently under appeal

Happens often. Hard enough to prove it?, no?

Rosmini bet us by 3 points yesterday. 10 points down at half time with a strong wind but on the small pitch was too much to claw back.

Hez when did you appeal that, normally these things are dealt with very quickly. If you get the 2 points for that, that puts Rosmini on top on head to head with us

It was to be reviewed by the CCC last week… I wouldn’t worry about Na Fianna have themselves well covered

We got a walkover from gaels today. Any other results?

Clann Mhuire 5-8 Fingallians 2-3

Whitehall Colmcilles 3-4 Rosmini Gaels 2-13

What way does promotion work in this league? Is it top 2 go up or playoffs

From CCC regulations

In AFL 2 - 10 - 1st team declared as winner. In AFL 2-10 – teams 2 to 5 play off for promotion, semi-finals 2 v. 5 and 3 v. 4. Winners to meet in promotion final.

This league is an absolute joke… Skerries get walkovers from Na Fianna and Trinity yet we had to face a banged up Na Fianna team that beat us by 11 points. If we had won that game we would have won the league.God knows who will be in it next season as that is Trinitys 2nd concession so they will be relegated along with Croi and Towers .

Agree its a shambles alright, we ended up with 4 walkovers from out of 11 games! Still, the only match we lost all season was against Rosmini so far and think that home pitch definitely suited youse!
Sure Tyrrlestown bet you in the E champo and have not fielded since in Div 11N. We are supposed to have them in the Mooney cup final too

Sure wasnt it the same last year, 4 relegated for 2 walkovers, thats how we ended up there this year. They need to fill up Div10 to 15 teams and only have one Div 11 next season. Teams that dont field from the lowest league should not be allowed play the following season