Adult Football League 11 North (AFL11N) 2016

How many teams have left this leauge so far

Only Pavee according to results!

Yes just Pavee. I think scoil were down as withdrawn at one point in fixtures but are back in again.

Brigids beat Man O War 4-18 to 2-07. It was 2-6 each at half time .

County board mix-up. Scoil never withdrew

Erins isle 5-14 st peregrines 2-6

Monicas 4-12 - 2-15 Brigids 13 a side game

Did Castleknock or Margarets win yesterday

Castleknock beat Erin Go Bragh 3-16 to 5-5

Tyrellstown beat Peregrines.

Any word on Scoil V Castleknock?

Brigids 1-16 - 3-08 Castleknock. Third year in a row these teams have played with there being 3 points or less between the teams

Isle beat st Margaret 3-19 to 2-8

Any word on man o was vs monicas

Man O’War won going by result on hill 16

Yeah Man o war won by 3 points

Any score on Isles v Scoil?

4 of the 5 games yesterday were walkovers. Shambles.

Brigids beat Peregeines 5-07 to 0-03

Any scores from Margaret’s V Erin go Bragh and Tyrellstown V Erin’s Isle?

Tyrellstown conceded to Erin’s Isle.