Adult Football League 11 North (AFL11S) 2023

Teams this year:

Ballymun Kickhams
Craobh Chiarain
Erin Go Bragh
Man O War
Na Fianna
Na Gaeil Aeracha
Scoil Ui Chonaill
St Maurs
St Oliver Plunketts ER
Whitehall Colmcille

Good to see Tyrellstown back with an adults mens team


Where’s the reservoir Dubs team ? …


Waiting for the full back to get out of prison before it’s started again


Hopefully its not a ticket event only.


He’ll be flying (no pun intended) fit having spent his time running around in order not to be some nut job’s prison wife.

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O dwyers conceded to fins already

Na Gaeil Aeracha beaten by Ballymun by one point, great to see it considering their score difference this time last year!


Tyrellstown conceded to our lads. Sad to see as they are only back in the league.

EGB conceded to Craobh

So 2 matches where there was refs assigned are conceded!

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Craobh were made aware of the WO early Saturday morning so I’m sure the ref would have been notified as well

Top of Division 12.

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Looks like they’re gone totally by the league table

I noticed on the transfer sheet that they had a good few transfers in. Must’ve strengthened them a bit

Lad i know from Ballymun said that they were far better than last year and have 2 or 3 lads who are fairly handy that weren’t there when Ballymun played them in 2022

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Yeah it might have been 5 or 6 transfers in. I must have a look back at it

O’Dwyers and Erin Go Bragh have conceded two games. Does that mean they are now automatically gone from the league?

I think what has happened before is, they can continue to play their games, but they are friendlies and the points are automatically awarded to the other team, no matter what the score is in the game, if they are played, but thats only if they can field, obviously, which they are both struggling to do

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Ballymun beat scoli 4.12 to 2.5