Adult Football League 11 South (AFL11S) 2018


Ballinteer St Johns
Ballyboden St Endas
Croí Ró Naofa
Geraldine Morans
Good Counsel
Round Towers ©
St Annes
St Finians (N)
St James Gaels An Caisleán
Thomas Davis

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Counsel beat bsj by 2

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Ger Moran’s beat Finians 1-15 to 0-4

Good start to the season.

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BSJ’s all weather is still top class. It must be maintained (unlike Kiltipper road).

P Fitzsomins reffed the game. Refreshing to have a decent ref officiating at this level!

It’s in good nick but can be a bit hard on the joints but allows for a fast game

Agree on the ref. Well capable of Div 1 games. Communicates well throughout a game so can accept bad decisions as I’d see it as he explains what he sees

Yeah, the joints are sore today but I put that down to old age.

Was Wanderers v St Annes played?

No, we (and as far as I know Annes also) were down a few at the weekend with lads away etc, so the match is on tonight instead!

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Wanderers won by 8 points in an 8 goal thriller!!!
Much closer game than the score suggests, Anne’s kicked a good few short into our keepers hands, and we scored a few late points to pull away!

I try to avoid criticising referees but he wore his black kit out and totally clashed with our jersey, I think it was 3 times last night a ball was either passed to him or was left for him to run onto!! I think the Annes lads were occasionally tracking him too when running down the pitch!! He was asked at half time would it be possible for him to turn his top inside out (white, not too far from Anne’s colours, but not near as bad a clash) but he said he wasn’t able to.
Also, definitely 3 of the goals, and possibly a 4th (spread across both teams) were square balls (3 blatant and a 4th possible). He gave a couple of hilarious pick up decisions (both giving them where the toe was clearly under the ball, and not giving clear pickups) and he also gave a mark where the ball was caught the guts of 10M before the 45!
Not one of his best days, but the decisions probably did balance out across the course of the match!

Good to start the season with a win anyway, over the last couple of years we’ve started bad and then got going, hopefully this year we can keep it up through the whole season!!

Counsel beat Shankhill yesterday.

8-10 is some score to put up.

Ger Moran’s beat Round Towers Clondalkin by 5 points.

Finians 2-12 James 2-10 , see saw game Gaels nearly nicked it at the end. Good game sound Buckos!

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A good game of ball. Finians kicked a few beauts in the first half.

Finians Newcastle 1-7 thomas davis 2-10 talk about a game of two halves. Sound lads best of luck men

Counsel 2-9 Geraldine’s 0-12

Competitive game as the score line suggests. Hard fought and went down to the wire.

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Towers beat us by a point.

Finians Newcastle received a walkover from wanderers

Heard they couldn’t find the place …

Heard BSJ got a walkover from Geraldines. Surprised at that as they were fairly good against us last week and had at least 18 bodies.

Good midweek team players go home at the weekend