Adult Football League 11 South (AFL11S) 2018

We only had 10 available.
Lots of injuries and players unavailable as this was meant to be a weekend off.
Games were rescheduled due to the snow that time.

We asked Ballinteer to reschedule but they declined as is their choice.

Hopefully get the show back on the road this Thursday.


Finians Newcastle 1-17 ballyboden 4-7 we had only 13, big thanks to ballyboden for accommodating us tonight!!

Wanderers 1-10 counsel 13

Decent game of ball.

Well reffed by P Faughnan. Great having a ref (not usually the case at this level) who actually knows the rules of the game. Communicates with players. Is calm and uses common sense etc


Shankill 1-9
Gers 2-11

Good game in Shanganagh Cliffs.
Gers 8 up at HT but we had no subs.
Shankill had a lot of lads on the sideline, used 6 subs and had the game in the balance when they pulled a goal back.

We managed to close the game out and held on for the win.

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Was the ref any good? :slight_smile:

Croi ro naofa beat finians Newcastle by 5 points tonight. Sound lads and great to see them back in the league. Our ref tonight as well was one of the best we had in a long time, let the game flow and was always talking to the players throughout. Top bucko!!

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Counsel beat James’s Gaels by 2 or 3

Was a decent game. Ye had the legs on us. Hope the injury isn’t too bad.

Thanks :+1:t2:

Yeah it was the young lads that dragged us over the line. Delighted to get outta there with the win

Any other scores?

Heard BSJ won.

Towers beat Thomas Davis

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Davis beat us by 3.

Absolute dreadful ref. Even for this level. Ruined a perfectly good junior game of ball from his perch in midfield. He should be nowhere near adult football.

I’ll gladly praise a ref so I reserve the right to slate one!

St James Gaels 2-10 Geraldine Morans 1-6.

Towers beat Boden

Croi ro Naofa beat Ballinteer

Counsel beat Boden
BSJ beat Anne’s.
Wanderers beat James’s Gaels

Any other scores

Thomas Davis beat Gers well in sunny Cornelscourt.

Any scores from the remaining games:

Finians v Shankhill
Towers v Croi

Towers won

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Finians 1-16 Shankill 0-7

Counsel beat Croi
Finians beat BSJ

Any other scores ?