Adult Football League 11 South (AFL11S) 2020

Terrible all weather. Shouldnt be allowed games on it, unless of course it was redone recently?

Good game. Finians a decent, very fit team. Took some great scores.

Appreciate you allowing Cuala to make the 6th substitute which meant all our lads could play. Best of luck with rest of the season.


All pitches in SDCC area are unplayable at the weekend 29th February to 1st March so is there going be a blanket call off of all matches again at the weekend

I doubt it as Sunday is not supposed to be as bad as today - they will hope teams own pitches will be playable or will access to an all-weather pitch

@Counsel are match against you on Sunday is off we couldn’t get a time slot on are all weather pitch see you later on in the year for the refixture

St Anne’s v NGÓ going ahead can’t wait to get back at it

Cheers @Cathal

I was talking to a Anne’s man in work yesterday and he said their pitches are flooded. Can see any games been played up there with that rain.

Bsj and Moran’s is on the all weather

If a team only contacted opposition at mid day to say their pitch was unplayable do they concede home advantage for refixture? Wanderers and Round Towers only called off after 12 today.

That would be down to the CCC to decide. But you would have a strong argument, they have certainly made that call in the past

Moran’s best Bsj by a fair bit. If Moran’s keep that team for the year they’ll be hard to beat

Not the first time wanderers have done this.

Hard enough to get lads out at this level without this

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St annes 1-6 na gaeil oga 1-1

Croi Ro Naofa had to concede to James gaels.

What was the full time score?

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Sorry to hear Beego. What the possibility of getting a team? Said before more help needs to be given to small clubs. You have super clubs who have 2nd/3rd/4th teams flying up the divisions and then small clubs who members doing great work are struggling away.

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Cheers stato. It’s very disappointing lot of hard work going in at the club to get the men’s up and running. Bones of a team there if people cry off unfortunately we don’t have extra bodies to take their place. We keep at it anyway. Might have to come out of retirement

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Has club tried the new estate Elder Heath for players? A lot of new houses gone in there.

Must say it at next meeting. Cheers for that stato might nab one or two up there. Recruitment day down square in two weeks also hopefully pull a few in