Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017

Sour grapes.lsles deserved to win.

Towers bet Annes by 6. Towers 2 - 15 Annes 3 - 6.

Isles beat TSS by 3

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St Marys 1-20, Round Towers © 1-19

BSJ 1-21 St Annes 0-9

Raheny beat whitehall by about 12

Great to see Olafs going well

Pats beaten by a point against Olafs 0-14 - 2-9
Good game of football, could have gone either way, as always goals were big moments in the game, particularly the second

Towers somehow managed to beat Isles by a point with a goal with the last kick of the game. Isles should have had the game sewn up but missed at least 4 clear goal chances before letting Towers back in

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Annes have had a terribke start to year getting only 3 points from a possible 10. Missing key players through injuries most the year and another lad got a straight red tonight certainly wont help

Was at BSJ v Naf game this eve. Have the say the referee, without naming names (you can look it up yourself), was an absolute disgrace. i feel for one of the teams in particular, he was power hungry and wanted to game to be all about him. Mission accomplishedd. Utter disgrace.

Is it perhaps your own team you feel for? :joy:

Didn’t realise Barry Kelly was club football reffing in Dublin …


No flies on you

It’s no wonder Dublin referees don’t make make it intercounty. I play and go to a lot of games. Some of the referees at junior level are disgraceful. Between not even enforcing black card rules and standing in the middle of the pitch the entire game. And btw I have done the referees course.

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I believe there’s also the fact that because Dublin referees are constantly overlooked for big games means a lot of recently retired players who could go on to become decent referees just couldn’t be arsed. There are lots of good referees in Dublin.

Dave Sweeney (former OPER footballer) is a very good Ref, been reffed by him and seen him ref several games.

I was also there, have to say the amount of off the ball stuff going on the ref would have needed an eye in the back of his head. Must be a new drill Na Fianna are practicing in training. And to his credit he most of it right. Ballinteer should have won by more very poor Na Fianna team.

they’ll probably win the inter championship.

Amazing how two guys who were watching the same game have completely different accounts of the game. Have to say that I have some sympathy for referees. While some criticism is valid and warranted, some of the crap they have to put up with is completely over-the-top. We could certainly take a leaf out of our rugby players attitude and involvement with referees during games (at all levels). It seems to be a cultural thing with the GAA which starts at juvenile level and then continues into adult football. Whereas with rugby this type of carry-on is simply not accepted.