Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2017

Agreed. I helped out with our U16s a few years ago and nearly all of them played rugby aswell You would think that since they are not allowed do it in Rugby they would be more disciplined playing Gaelic, but it was like they were getting it out of their system because they couldn’t do it in the rugby!

I actually think that the referees in rugby, by and large, reciprocate the respect to the players.

Always an easy option to blame the ref for a bad performance from a team, accept you were crap on the night move on. He should have shown at least 2 straight reds then again he was up with play and all the nonsense was going on behind him.

Yes better team won on the night im not disputing that so relax, but the referee was v poor. There was small niggly off the ball stuff from both sides, nothing major at all. Nothing that warrented red cards lets be honest.

Were you asleep then for the part of the course when you were asked not to be critical of referees particularly on online forums ??

No I was not. But it did say however for a referee to get a good view of the game, get as close to play as possible to be able to make calls. Not stand in the middle of pitch for the whole game. And btw I’m not making a reference to the official of an afl 2 game last night.

Obviously my interpretation of small niggley things differs from a NaFianna perspective.

Do refs at all levels in Rugby get respect? Or are we just talking about top Rugby

All levels, from my limited experience.

It sure does

Yes all levels, its drilled into them from an early age.

When I was 17/18 I used to ref go games 8-10s, and I was very strict on any talking back to me, from players or management. Managers would give out stink, and I told them, firstly, the reason they think it’s ok is because they see how you’re talking to me. And secondly, if they are let away with it at that age they’ll grow up thinking it’s acceptable.

While there are many shite refs and the standard of reffing in general is low tbh, the lack of respect is shocking. The abuse those lads have to put up with is actually ridiculous and it’s about time the gaa did something proper about it and not just their “give respect get respect campaign” because I can tell you from experience it doesn’t work. No use teaching the kids respect when they learn from their coaches behaviour which is the oppposite.

But anyways that is a discussion for a different thread :joy:


Olafs seem to have started very well and are a good side ,will be interesting though to see how they do when they come up again the bigger teams in the league!Have watched ballinter a few times this year and there my dark horse for the league

Ballinteer are a super side, surprised they lost to Mearnog

Should have beaten maurs in the championship only maurs keeper saved 4 one on ones and then maurs turned it up a gear and pulled away

St Marys 1-8, Nh Olaf 1-14. Referee, no comment.

BSJ beat Isles by 8

In no way surprised by that

O’Tooles beat Raheny by a point.

Scoil won easy v donabate