Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2019

Kilmacud Crokes B
Na Fianna B
Naomh Fhionbarra
Naomh Mearnog
Naomh Olaf
Round Towers C
Round Towers Lusk
Scoil Ui Chonnaill
St Marys
St Patricks P
St Sylvesters
Whitehall Colmcille

Div 2 looking a lot stronger this year, think the gap between the top teams and everyone else is getting wider again.

N. Mearnog, Round Towers C, Naomh Olaf & Clontarf in the Top 4 for me

St Pats could struggle this year & Whitehall possibly as well, Scoils window is closing IMO but maybe new manager could breath new life into them

Castleknock and Syls will be there or there abouts come the end of the year. Marys as well who finished strong last year and have a young enough team. They might get hit in the summer is the only problem with such a young team

Castkeknock will win it
All to make playoffs

Is it not top 2 go up and the next 2 in playoff for promotion

I would possibly have Olafs and Syls ahead of Castleknock considering Kilkenny will be missing for the bulk of their games.

I expect Raheny to finish midtable as they are stretched thin by the loss of Fenton and Howard plus the strain of hurling as well which seemed to effect them last year anyway

Also as Pastit said, it is only top 4 in contention to go up

Ah right, thinking the old system ha. Might be right about raheny, just think castlknock still have some excellent players and are still stronger than the rest.

Sean McMahon knocking around county panel may hit raheny also occasionally if included

You’re forgiven. The leagues aren’t your speciality, are they?


Nope :smile:

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Having Fenton, Howard, McCaffery and Kilkenny (throw in Costello as well) in Div2 is weird enough

playing for Dublin is probably the reason those teams are in div 2 and not higher up

Some really strong teams this year in d2, hard to see past syls and cknock going straight back up. Gonna be a battle for play offs

Syls and CK to come straight back up, should be a good battle for the playoffs spots.

Few people saying the relegated Div1 teams to go straight back up. Not sure why other then because they were Div 1?

Decided to check previous relegated teams records and a bit surprsing

2014 2015
St Patricks D Relagation 12th
St Marys Relagation 10th
2015 2016
Parnells Relagation Relagation
TSS Relagation 6th
2016 2017
Raheny Relagation 5th (Lost Playoff SF)
Ravens Relagation 8th
2017 2018
Skerries Relegation 4th - (Won Playoff Final)
Clontarf Relegation 10th

TSS & Skerries both back up now, but skerries going up via playoff & TSS took a few years to recover. Skerries probably unlucky to be relegated in the first place (how often does a team draw 5 games in a season?)

Ravens, St Pats P & Raheny both down the bottom of Div 2 last year with Pats & Ravens playing each other in the relegation playoff (Ravens in Div 3 now)

Clontarf struggled last year but, along with Marys seem to be at home in Div 2

Parnells are Parnells :grimacing:

So, on history, the Div 1 teams don’t seem to have it all their own way once they come down. They get relegated for a reason :see_no_evil:


Pats had reached there peak and were on a decline.
Mary’s again were in transition and struggling needed time to rebuild and get young lads through.
Clontarf and Parnells both went a year without winning a game not sure why people would have tipped them to go back up.
Raheny and TSS loosing their core to Dublin. So hats of to TSS. Big year for them.

I think Syls have enough quality to come back up if they can toughen up as there are some difficult games in Div2. I’m not sure were CK but i would think they have plenty of players coming through to be a div1 club.

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Not going on the fact that they were in Div 1 last year. Syls prob unlucky with the extra team going down last year. Four points separating Ballymun in 6th and Syls in the playoff with seven teams in-between. they should have enough to come back up based on champ performances last year, but we shall see.

Syls have more than enough quality to bounce back

I’d be very very surprised if it’s not a C’knock, Syls top two, and probably in the order as well.

Lar Norton back with Castleknock aswell so they will be moving well from the get go

Did they loose the 2 lads from Kerry?