Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2023

Very Northside and Nth Co Dublin look to that one. Lots of travel for KC, RTC and Mary’s.

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Yeah it’s nearly back to the days of the Fingal League! 7 Fingal teams in this division.


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Plunketts & Whitehall just missed out on promotion last year, both have been getting stronger as they integrate some of their successful Minor A players.

Whitehall may struggle at times due to high number of dual players and lots with Dublin

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Will be interesting to see how Parnells go here, saw them a few times last year and they were good. Whitehall & Plunketts looked good last year as well, a lot will depend on how many of the younger lads are staying around for the season.

I’d fear for Brigids, Maurs & Mearnog, think they’ll find the drop harder than expected