Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2023

The Boughal for promotion anyone? would be some feat if they could pull it off,

Great. A club 1/8 their size. Some win

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Its fairly fucking boring though


Not at all offensive. We have lads laughing and joking about what a player scores when behind the seen this amateur player has been banned for 2 years . Cant get my head around as gaa man this bullshite


Whitehall motoring well. Imagine throwing all their Dublin lads from both codes in too.

Maurs only scored 1-4 so no one could score 1-5 :rofl:


Brigids 2-9 Parnells 1-7

Out of position in division 2

According to some of the Maurs lads this morning Archer got 10 weeks. Don’t know how true that is.

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I’ve never heard of a 10 week ban before. 4 weeks, eight weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks, 48 weeks… Yes. But never 10.

Think I heard of nine and a half weeks.

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My source is telling me 9 and a quarter weeks.

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AFL2 League Table @ May 21st

Lots of juicy fixtures coming up thru to conclusion of AFL2

Like this one

Is Neary Smith still playing for OPER

Nesty? If so, yes. Was to fore in their comeback against Lusk early in the season.


Do the CCC no longer issue tge minutes of theiir meetings? They used to show the suspensions dished out to offenders

They still issue them and they list disciplinary actions.

Last set of minutes covering March CCC meetings were issued 6th April.

April minutes are pending.

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This “joke” started long before any ban for the player


Gareth ‘Nesty’ Smith , sweet left foot :+1:


When do we see J1 lads going . Be very interesting to see if we have the massive numbers like last year or has it settled to like before covid . Could have big bearing on such a tight league

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Leaving certs too…