Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2023

Level HT. Maurs went 6 up. Then finished 2 up.

Archer 4-6 ? :zipper_mouth_face:


6-15. He’s a plus 3 handicap


How many conversions did he score?

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Well one of his four goals was a pen

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Great win in the end by our lads, missing a good few starters and had a big lead for long periods. Missed 8 or 9 bad wides in the 2nd half to let plunketts back into the game. Nesty there main threat , 3 from 3 not a bad start

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Not sure if it says more about Nesty or Plunketts that’s he’s still their main man


This on going mockery about Archer is arguably not a good thing? I know it’s aimed at lad in previous round claiming he’d scored 2.11 or something when it was a ‘mere’ 1.6. What if the player himself reads comments and wonders, what have i done to deserve this? A talented footballer that in last 20 mins of match I’d rather see ball in his hands in scoring zone than a lot of lads have got a greater chance with the Dubs in last 2 league campaigns.


What’s a missed wide? Is it ok to miss a good wide? :wink:


Right infront of goal, chances you dont expect to miss

Totally agree and I hope he and all other players don’t read this, because there certainly has been harsh comments said about the young lad doing his best and who never asked for any publicity when he was underage.

Of course when someone puts a big score up, there are always people waiting in the bushes to jump out and shout the next day that things don’t go well. Most of us love to hear about what players are doing well at club level. Plenty of lads put up big scores in league games and unfortunately we often don’t hear about because people are fearful of what could be seeing as bragging about their players and given the naysayer minority ammunition for the future.

I think it was a neutral who happened to be at the game who initially claimed he scored 2-11 the first day. I posted also to confirm. Because I saw it with my own eyes. He did score 2-11. But, to be fair, that doesn’t tell the whole story. The best thing about it was his perfect freetaking in a windy day when the opposition freetaker struggled with the conditions. He got 7 or 8 frees including 3 45s, but of course he’s not 100% every day. The two goals were tap-ins to the empty net after good work by other players, so it does put a very big gloss on his performance.

Maurs were well beaten second day out. Yesterday was a fortunate enough victory. I didn’t see this one with my own eyes but was told by one person that he scored either 4-5 or 4-6, and by another that it was 4-6. And that one of the goals was a peno. I don’t know how many points he scored from play, but given he is the Maurs freetaker, I’d guess most of his points were frees.


Scoil 1-10
Crokes 0-13

Heard Carthy was good again?

Doesn’t track back when he loses the ball, which would wreck my head if i was still a team mate, but he was very good going forward. His range of passing is unbelievable


Maggies beat tss heard it here first :eyes:

Is he playing midfield or centre forward?

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Keavney never tracked back either and neither did a lot of other great players.

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That was 50 years ago

Aido doesn’t track back … didn’t go well


Tough one to sort of get your head around, if Archer is seen as a club player then I believe there’s a certain criteria of judgement and there should be a larger element of kid gloves
If he’s seen as an inter county player then this site / natural discussion opens that up to a different level
What hasnt helped young Archer ( not his fault ) was people here bigging him up massively, and continual doing so when there was not much to back it up
If anyone thinks he’s been hard done by on this site then they obviously haven’t been paying attention to the greatest hurler of our time and the banter posted about him , Archers exploits good as they are yet to hit Doderill levels



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