Adult Football League 2 (AFL2) 2023

Yeah its different when its your midfielder haha

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Unfortunately, Doderills best days never came in a Dublin jersey. Ever Ger would admit that. He was, is, a class player, but whether by choice or by design, we didn’t see enough of him.
Archer is being glorified before he has arrived on the scene. Give him time and space, and then Hopefully, we will see him for as long as he chooses to stay.


He was a class hurler . Had everything

Tss v maggies off

Ah leave it out :rofl:

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TSS off due to waterlogged pitch

Tss off due to scully and ogara playing for dublin id say :joy:


In water polo?


Dolphin Park is never unplayable

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I was down there last week and was very badly cut up and unplayable with the amount of rain. You’ll destroy a pitch playing on them now and out of action for a number of weeks.

Its always unplayable :laughing:

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Well said