Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2018

St Pats (D) beat the Gards 1-10 to 0-4

Marks beat Counsel by a goal.

Was Dotsie playing for Marks?

Yeah. Played very well too

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Lusk beat Pats of Donabate by a point in Donabate.

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Ballymun 1-8 Trinity Gales 3-18

Lads good win for perergrines but I’d say they have sore ears listening to that management team


Crokes beat finnbarrs 6-7 to 1-8. Barrs had two players sent off and should have had another gone aswell

Typical Finnbars. Prob the dirtiest team in Dublin IMO.


What would that be based on?

All the years, travelling to The Bogies or playing Finbarr’s at home, never had any trouble with them - at least nothing beyond what you’d expect in any game. That goes for hurling and football.

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I’ll probably regret this but never had a problem with Fionnbarra in hurling or football tough but fair and make the boggies a place no wants to play great stuff

The numerous times I’ve seen them cause brawls would be 1

the off the ball treatment would be 2

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Some shower alright

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Would be interesting to see stats of red cards to see who is the “dirtiest” club of them all is.

As @beeko has said the only “trouble” if that’s what you want to call it I’ve ever experienced with Finbarrs was on the pitch. Once the final whistle went we all shook hands and looked forward to the next time we play each other.

So it’s ok to cause “trouble” on the pitch as long as you smile about it and shake hands after?


No, it’s not - but if that’s all they are guilty of, they wouldn’t be unique. Personally speaking, I’ve seen far worse behaviour on the field and on the sidelines from clubs that you may have expected better from.

I used to play soccer in the Bogies many moons ago. In fairness you’d nearly always get offered a swig of Bulmers when taking a corner of a Sunday morning.


So you were always keen to take the corners, then?