Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2019

Get the ball rolling…

St Pats D
St Annes
Fingal ravens

St Peregrines
St Brigids
Erins Isle

Naomh Barrog
Trinity Gaels
Good Counsel

13 team league :roll_eyes:

Mags, Vins and MOW up from afl4.

ah I thought I added them obviously missed them by mistake.

Think Barrog be favourites outright then up for grabs for play offs

Top 2 get automatically promoted. 3rd and 4th play off for the 3rd promotion spot :wink:

will GC struggle this year losing crumlin based lads ?

first league game looking like sunday 17/02 and hurling week later

Annes and Ravens would surely be favoured to bounce back…nothing between the vast majority of the rest.

Think only one Crumlin lads played last year rest didn’t bother as far as I know. Will be tough league as usual

They transferred in crumlin lads did they not?

I thought the lads concerned were always playing football with Counsel and were returning to Counsel (from Crumlin) to play hurling?


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Declan Patton new Anne’s manager.

don’t think annes will tbh and if they do they wont stay up, theyre just not bringing the players through from underage to compete, I hope im wrong but that’s the way I see it going for them.

Glass half full from a peregrines point of view , new coach new managers not enough to push for promotion IMO would love to be wrong , but believe you will see a more together unit than last year with less bolo7x ology , best team we played last year was GC who completely out played out thought and out fought us

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Graham norton gone in with brigids 1st team . Did great job last year . Lads will be sorry to see go . Hard to know how lads will fair this year . Still have good committed players but Norto will be a loss

Our lads back since beginning of the year ( not everyone ) playing first challenge match this weekend, would that be the norm for most teams in Div 3 ?

I would imagine all teams are back since start of year . I know some back in dec . Looking at div 3 looks tough division this year . With a few teams getting in top proven managers . Looks like it will be very competitive

You’d swear you were from Brigid’s with all this inside info, any info on O’Tooles??

Strong league again this year, this is how i think it will will pan out over the season. I think Barrog & O’Tooles will be the front runners for the season and any team from 3-10 will be in contention for the playoffs.

  1. Naomh Barrog
  2. O’Tooles
  3. St Annes
  4. St Pats D
  5. Fingal ravens
  6. Erins Isle
  7. Parnells
  8. Trinity Gaels
  9. Good Counsel
  10. St Peregrines
  11. St Brigids
  12. St Margarets
  13. Ballymun
  14. Man O War
  15. Ballyboden
  16. St Vincents