Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2020

Don’t think weve started as of yet for this year
Hopefully Ive gotten league listed correctly see below
St Marys Saggart
St Pats of Palmerstown
Trinity Gaels
Ballyboden St Endas
Erins Isle
O Tooles
St Pats Donabate
St Margarets
Good Counsel Liffey Gaels
St Peregrines
St Brigids
St Judes
Clann Na Gael
Finnians Newcastle

Id have a suspicion the three teams coming up are a lot stronger than those relegated, Fionnbars and Marys you expect to be strong , Pats Palmerstown seem to be in freefall that said didn’t see them play last year
Judes I expect to be very strong
Can Trinity re-group and go again ?
All in all an ultra competitive league I think which will be no cake walk for anyone


Lots of teams capable of beating each other, lots of local derbys aswell and not too many involved in county panels meaning each club can give true reflection of where they are, unlike div 1 sometimes. Home and away will have bearing on games certain places hard to go to and get result. Mary’s were in senior 2 final two years ago so would expect them to show a bit, but finbarrs and judes will be strong.

My pick for the teams to be in around the top would be Mary’s, Erins Isle,Trinity,Barrs,Pats D,few people saying judes but never seen them play so cant comment and I think Pats will regroup hopefully.
As for relegation it’ll be a dogfight as usual but I think all three teams that came up have a good chance of staying up, Finians held their own in inter champo last year even getting a draw with Barrógs

When is fixture dates out roughly ?

Not being smart but they appear when they appear , ballpark if previous years are anything to go by you’d expect to know by 21st 22d Jan

16th Feb I beleive

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Fair enough prediction but any reasoning behind it?

I watched them last year a couple of times and had very young team, I’ve heard that a few new older lads have come back and also Neil Matthews doesn’t seem to be involved in any Dublin teams so he should be a great addition this year as he didn’t feature much for club last year, I just feel with a bit more experience behind the younger lads who have great potential I can see them pushing for the league. PS I am not involved in isles either😂

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What old players have they got back?

Are Niall Crossan and Gary O’Connell looking after Isles this year or are they playing on for another year? 2 lads are in great condition for their age. Having Matthews full time will be a huge addition for them.

I think Marys & TG will be the front runners for the league but the rest of the teams will be very competitive and will fancy their chances.

Does anyone know whether the fixtures this year are the reverse of last year or a totally new draw?

totally new draw I think

From what I heard reverse fixtures happen for two years and then a whole new rejig , as last year was week on week reverse I’m expecting whole new set of fixtures

The two lads were in charge of and playing for the second team last year as far as i recall

Fixtures now up on Hill 16 , pull Clan Na Gael away and Jude’s at home in our first fixtures, two of the promoted sides
Fionnbars v trinity gaels stand out fixture on week one

Can you stick link up please :+1:when i check it’s blank

You go to “all fixtures” and then go to the 16th Feb, from there you can click on the blue heading, which brings you to the above

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Page six or seven of all fixtures hill 16

how will judes & CNG fair out people think? saw judes play challenge game last year looked very strong for div4 team at time