Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2020

how will judes & CNG fair out people think? saw judes play challenge game last year looked very strong for div4 team at time

Jude’s will push for promotion if same squad as last year of that I’ve no doubt, seen them early last year and was impressed , work it from the back , take their time when working scoring opportunity
Havent seen anything of Finnians or Clan na Gael

Here’s my call for the first league games:

Naomh Fionnbarra v Trinity Gaels Pope John Paul ll Park - Draw Game
St Judes v St Finians (N) Tymon North
Clanna Gael-Fontenoy v St Peregrines Sean Moore Park
St Brigids v St Patricks § Russell Park
Good Counsel / Liffey Gaels v St Patricks (D) Galtymore Road
Parnells v Ballyboden St Endas Chanel
Erins Isle v St Marys S Finglas
O Tooles v St Margarets Blunden Drive

Few very close games as there always is at the start of the year especially the Isles/Marys game.
Think Pats Donabate will go well this year with the new manager/coach that was with Skerries the last couple of years.

I see John Noonan transferred out to Mountmellick in Laois. Was he playing with Isles first team much?

Availability of senior Hurlers is key to Jude’s success here and indeed at senior. Wouldn’t have won 18 inter without their input.

No not for a good few years now, togged out with the AFL 5 team the odd time

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How are pitches holding up ? Will there be many postponements or is it to early to say , we are playing out in Clann Na Gael which I think is a council pitch but I think has amazing drainage dont remember too many games called off there

I’d be very suprised if half of the games go ahead tbh, don’t think the weather is to get much better

What day does the council deem pitches playable or not?

Normally Friday


clanna gale fontenoy is their onw pitch no? theyve decent facilities so it should hold out pending no torrential rain or snowstorms. there are council pitches in ringsend park afaik that BOI use but I am not familiar with them


Do clubs have to concede home advantage if their opponents pitch is deemed playable for league games?


Where a home team is unable to provide a pitch for any reason the onus is on that home Club to switch any game fixed for there to a suitable alternate venue or to the opponent’s pitch if available. The CCC shall have the authority to appoint an alternate venue if it deems it necessary. It shall be the responsibility of the home club to make the necessary arrangements i.e. contact the opposition, referee, referee’s co-ordinator and CCC. Failure by a club to adhere to this regulation shall entail loss of game with award to their opponents and a fine of €200. Where a venue is changed due to the unavailability of the original venue the starting time of the game must remain as fixed by CCC unless (i) the host Club can show that the replacement venue is in use at the scheduled start time and (ii) where both teams are in agreement to change the start time.

  1. Where a pitch has not been declared unplayable by 6pm on the day prior to a morning fixture or by 9am on the day of an afternoon or evening fixture the final decision on making such a declaration shall rest with the official referee in consultation with the CCC Chairman or Secretary and Park authorities. Failure by a club to adhere to this regulation may entail loss of game with award to their opponents and a fine of €200.

Make that a “sticky” along with “what happens if more than 2 teams finish in level points”.

All games off this weekend

Good call , some pitches may stand up to it but the wind likely to make a joke of games , heres hoping for better next week

Fair play DCB on the early call

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What’s the chances of some football this weekend lucky if half the games go ahead Id say , have said it on the weather thread its worrying going into April championship if lads don’t get some ball under there belt