Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2020

Blanch IT in good nick but you wouldn’t know with the college they could pull it

As of now game still on , fingers crossed

They called all games off 2 weeks ago because of the weather warning I thought…theres a yellow warning this weekend isnt there?

Not sure if it extends to Sunday morning which might leave the games on

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Refs not prepared to travel was a huge part of it , think the timing of storm slightly different this time around which may have a bearing

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This weather warning is more for wind unlike the last storm was for rain and its due to end midnight sat so presume most games will go ahead here’s hoping anyway

All Pitches in the SDCC area for W/E 29th Feb -1st Mar 2020 are UNPLAYABLE

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They did a blanket ban last week too whereas other county councils seem to go pitch by pitch.

My memory of playing on their pitches when I was younger that a drop of rain resulted in a blanket call off

Pretty much everything off in Fingal too.

1 pitch on. Must be some pitch :rofl:

Rather than waiting for postponed fixtures to be re-arranged for specific dates further condensing the club calendar, I believe that’s the case normally ,
clubs should be free to re-arrange ad hoc were suitable to both teams

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12 Pitches are on in Dublin City Council and interestingly 8 of those are in dublin 12 area

Any games going ahead?

As of now our game against Jude’s still on Blanch IT

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Game off

Anyone know if mags and isles match is on this morning ?

Marys beat parnells not sure of the score

Isles won by 5

Boden beat good counsel Liffey Gael’s well half time score was 3-10 to 1 goal not sure of the full time score