Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2023

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Any fixtures for this league yet?

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1st round is there if your go to Dublin gaa site and click forward 3/4 pages to Feb 19th


Pats league to lose

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Isles and Anne’s might have a say in that yet

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Hard to see past top 4 being , Pats D, Anne’s Isles, barrog ( no order ).
Trinity Gaels, Na fianna and boden won’t be far off

Having finally seen Marys ,Parnells and Mags out of this league , it appears to have a more open look to it
Pure guess work based on very little , would expect Barrog Pats and Annes to fight this out Trinty Gaels ,Na Fianna not too far off

O Tooles and Anne’s on tonight @8


How will Mags do in Div2?

Think all the teams who came up from AFL4 last year could hold their own this year in this league. Bottom half of the table could be very tight

Agree with Damo on potential winners/promotion candidates

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Think it could be tough on Mags looking at the opposition if I’m honest based on what I’ve seen ,but could easily prove me wrong,
Think in fairness there’s a huge amount of guess work going on , players are still leaving for pastures a new on the back of covid , with county squads finding any reason at all not to release players , some weeks a bit of a lottery


Pats be disappointed not to win this you’d think

I’d expect Na Fianna and barrog to complete the top 3

I see game in Blunden Drive. I thought Annes had floodlights?

Is Nipper managing Annes?

Will go with Donabate and Barrog for automatic promotion. Between Trinity Gaels, Na Fianna and Annes for the playoff spot.

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So there 2nd team are going to pummel us on sunday, away to annes 1st game of the season, how exciting

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I’d say Anne’s wanted it changed, so Otooles agreed only if they give up home advantage. Just a guess


Annes up by a goal at the break