Adult Football League 3 (AFL3) 2023

Yes, same rule there for years;

35. A player may not play in any lower league division if he has played in more than three games in any higher league division(s) in the same season


Missing the next part of that rule which is vital.

or if he has been listed on a panel of players submitted, in accordance with Regulation 33, for a higher league division

3 game rule only applies to players that haven’t been named on the panel of the higher graded teams.

Rule 33 - 35 in the Regulations

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True, but I wonder how may clubs actually send in their list. It defaults to the first 20 players used in a season anyway. So if you are one of those you can’t play league for a lower division side that year

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Very little send in the list I reckon. And as you said the first 20 is the panel. Only players outside of that 20 are subject to the 3 game rule. This is a common misunderstanding.

2 weeks ago only 8 clubs had sent in lists.


Only 8?. So clubs are free to abuse that rule?

That was just before the 2nd league game and that’s the deadline.

If clubs don’t submit lists then the CCC shall consider the first twenty players to be used in a league to be that team’s panel.


And if you’re playing afl3 players in afl1 because if county commitments they can’t be used at afl3 once they go over the 3 game rule at afl 1


That’s correct


The list is a load of balls anyway. Remember doing it a few years ago. First team list consisted of about 5 players who would definitely be playing with the first team in every game and the rest were hurlers who didn’t play football at all which I think was talked about on here back then and most clubs did the same.
Second team was the rest of the first team panel and so on. Meant that most of the first team could play second team until they hit their 3 league matches for the first team etc etc

The list has to contain 10 players who played in the first league game .


Ah that could be right, could have been 10 definite starters and 10 hurlers etc etc

This weekends fixtures weather permitting

Played tonight

O’Tooles 1-06
Trinity 1-13

Erin’s isle v Peregrines confirmed off

Judes pats off

Seen on twitter Davisis letting Anne’s use their astro for their game tonight

Are they about to pull the greatest April fools
Joke come 6pm?:rofl:


Considering TD wouldnt even use it😅

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Na Fianna 2-05
Barrog 1-10

Good Counsel 2-04
Syls 1-13

St Annes 4-11
Cuala 2-13

Clanna Gael 1-13
Boden 1-08

Finbarrs 3-04
Ballymun 1-09

Annes 4.12 Cuala 2.11.

A purple patch midway through first half yielded 3 goals for Annes in 5 mins. Last minute penalty for Cuala put a gloss on tge scoreline. Cuala forwards kicked some fine points