Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2017

Fixtures available here

Thanks for that. Here’s to the start of another ten month season :joy:
A lot of 2nd/3rd teams in this league this season.
I suppose the likes of counsel, the two finians and Margaret’s will be expecting to challenge for top.
What shape are Clann Na Gael in? Very surprised to see them relegated from div 3 last season.

A measure of how far Castleknock have progressed when you see it’s their 2nd team in this league.

Just noticed that all of Monica’s mid-week fixtures are away, and not short little jollies down the road, either. Madness.

Finians N away to MOW midweek is laughable. Don’t know why the county board can’t at least try to avoid games such as that.

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Clanna Gael be there near the top, I can see the 3 teams from div 5 been near the top

Would fancy Cuala of the 3 promoted teams to be the strongest,we played all 3 last year in Div 5 and they were by far the best.Dont think Castleknock will be a threat

Are Fixtures for AFL 7 to 11 out yet?

Just checked! The fixtures are the reverse of last year’s. The benefits of home fixtures last year are being paid for in 2017.

Not yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

Fairly sure they were parachuted in to a relatively high division a few years ago, possibly div 6. Got a free promotion this season from 5 as well

That Castleknock team was parachuted into AFL6 out of nowhere when Park Rangers dropped out 5/6 years ago. Sure look at Kevins Killians going from Division 11 to 7 without winning a league or even a playoff.

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How come castleknock were promoted .

I’ve been asking this for the last few weeks and nobody has been able to give me a valid reason why.

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or scarcely having a juvenile team in the meantime either to feed from

You may be asking the wrong people.

in fairness Alan its that sort of smug answer that pisses people off… its like what a fine gael minister would try

I’ve asked the DCB and received no response so thought somebody on here would have more knowledge than myself.
I was part of the TSS team last year in Division 5 and we missed out on promotion to a good Cuala team and were deservedly beaten by a Boden team in the playoff semi final. To then find out that a team below us, that we in fact beat during the course of the season, gets promoted ahead of us without any kind of explanation is ridiculous.


I’d say Castleknock heard that Vins were withdrawing & when submitting their entry forms for this year put AFL4 instead of AFL5.

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It’s a shambles in all reality . Both on how they decided the promotion process and how some lads will be finished on the 29th July in all competitions
Divisions should be filled from the top down to full complements . Anyone trying to argue that div 10 and 11 need to be fully stacked with teams is taking the piss


I’m not trying to be smart. The only people who can answer your question are the DCB. It would be very odd if someone on a message board would know something that the DCB didn’t wish to divulge.

I agree that it is a bit ridiculous.