Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2018

Bit early for predictions etc but this is what the league is looking like this year;
St Margaret’s
St Jude’s
Man O War
St Finians S
St Finians N
Thomas Davis
St Oliver Plunkets ER
Clanna Gael
Kilmacud Crokes
St Monica’s
Clann Mhuire
St Vincents

Finians of swords and Margaret’s are my tips to go up. I think CNG and Skerries may be ones to go down.

Top 4 in no order margarets, judes, finians swords,thomas davis. Is it top 2 promoted then 3 and 4 playoff?

Top 1 auto promoted then 2-5 in a playoff

Rules changed this year, top 2 promoted, then 3rd and 4th playoff for 3rd promotion spot. Bottom 2 relegated and 3rd & 4th from bottom play off for last relegation spot

Wasn’t aware. Good changes.

I don’t know about skerries going down, think they’d be alright (slightly biased being a skerries man), solid team with some good 2nd year minors to back them up

Will Vins do anything in this league?

Would the majority of that team not be senior panellists though? That was the impression I got last year and thought they might struggle with both teams playing simultaneously now ?

I’d also suspect Clann Mhuire to do well this year with the addition of St Ledger from Sylvesters and that young lad on the O’Byrne Cup squad

St Ledger living out that way? Strange transfer.

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I heard his girlfriend is from there maybe that’s the reason. Still it’s a big step down from playing AF1.

Strange enough alright, I’d say most teams will be hoping to play Clann Mhuire early in the season while him and Rogers are off with the Counties (if Rogers gets a run in the league)

I see what you mean yeah, few lads will be bumped up to the senior team, think they still have the talent to stay in div 4, and at least not go down

Monica’s will struggle, I reckon. :frowning:

They could do with a few minors coming through. Any sign of that happening?

Rumour has it they’ve a new manager?? Thought that might boost things for them no? Change things up

Very few, if any, young players coming through.

Division 4 club looking 4 a friendly on sunday morning willing to travel

How are Vincent’s in this league? Were they promoted from 5 last year?