Adult Football League 4 (AFL4) 2020

Any thoughts on this year?
The early games will be up and down with extended panels etc
Any early front runners?
Who dropped from 3?

Here are the list of teams in the division and whether they are the 1st, 2nd or 3rd team for their club. Might help people come up with the front-runners:

Garda - 1st
Man O War - 1st
St. Marks - 1st
Clann Mhuire - 1st

Ballymun Kickhams - 2nd
Cuala - 2nd
Sylvesters - 2nd
Castleknock - 2nd
Clontarf - 2nd
Skerries - 2nd
Lucan Sarsfield - 2nd
Ballinteer St. Johns - 2nd
Templeogue Synge Street - 2nd
St. Vincents - 2nd
Raheny - 2nd

Kilmacud Crokes - 3rd

Think these are correct but open to correction. Also, it may not be any use in determining league position.


Any games on this weekend??

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Are you acting the flute? Same answer as on other treads



Any update on this weekends games. I see all juvenile games have been pulled but I assume adult games will be going ahead as long as the pitch is deemed playable?

Anything for Sunday seems to have been left as is.

Would say pitches going to be an issue, majority of council pitches off and a lot of teams here will be competing with Clubs first teams for access

Ballinteer v Clontarf off tomorrow, no pitch available

Harps 1-7
St Sylvesters 3-6

Marks beat Crokes by a point

After hearing John Horan speaking during the week I was just wondering how people envision football might go ahead at all this year?
If social distancing is still in place by September will leagues be cancelled?
Only play championship?
Hope everyone is healthy and safe at this horrible time as well.

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If social distancing is in place how can championship be played ??

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Hard to see games again this year, can only hope, would like to see championship going ahead in current format, at least lads would get a few games, right down to Junior, leauges, id guess, are done for the year

Its not the law that you must social distance its called best practice, when you shop you stay as best possible distance away from other parties , when people go to work same applies in my own place no manager now have a personal office in order to give everyone required space all workstations redesigned .
Regards sport in the event its given the go ahead threre is a thing called consent , you are not invading someones space when you come into close contact by part taking you’ve consented to contact.
All of which is a mute point because I dont believe the OK will be given for many months

All understood but no injury fund scheme will permit contact whilst the 2m recommendation is in place
It’s called common sense

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The common sense you refer to is it your opinion or are you an administrator of the fund and been party to conversations , to the best of my knowledge and correct me if Im wrong prior to this no infectious diseases were covered under the scheme.
As said previously mute point we just aint getting games any time soon.

Thats what i do best when I’m carrying out my tight man-marking role :sunglasses:

Ah to hear the echos of the ignorant coach/ dad scream at top of his lungs touch tight touch tight his only coaching tool
God I miss it

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