Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2018

Any ideas how many teams are coming up from Afl6 to fill the gaps in this division.Given only 14 teams in it last year and 2 teams gone for given 2 walkovers will 4 come up from div 6

No info as far as I am aware yet on the 2018 gradings. I hope there is 16 teams in this league this year as with walkovers and less teams there was massive gaps between games last year.

AFL6 2018 has a lot to live up to.


1st game is down for February

14 teams for 2018, no relegation except for 2 walkovers

Another year of gaps between games. Should never of let this happen in the first place as now the ball is just going to carry on rolling. I presume they will remove 2 of the midweek scheduled dates from the summer period to cater for the loss of these games.

That would be the obvious thing to do, agree it’s a joke that they didn’t resolve this issue at the start of last season

But 3 teams go up from Div 6 as per the approved changes? Making Div 5 a 17 team league in 2019?

Correct, CCC will have to look at this again.

Fixtures to be cancelled should be Tues 17th July and Tues 31st July as both of these rounds were due to be played 2 days after fixtures on Sun 15th and Sun 29th july


Is there a reason again why teams were not brought up to even out the numbers in the league ? Makes no sense having the gaps

I’d say the knock on effect of bringing up 2 teams from every league below AFL5 would make a joke of those leagues and devalue promotion.

Going to be a very competitive league this year

Will your lads be able to regroup and go again after the disappointment of last year? Many retirees? New players coming in?

You were one of the best teams in that league last year but just suffered a bit of a dip in form over the summer months

Have lost players up to our inters and a few older lads have dropped to our afl8 team, still expect to be in the shake up but I think there are a lot of contenders And not too many poor teams

Clontarf 0-14 O’Dwyers 0-08

N.a. fianna 4-13 st Brigids 0-7 according to the ref

Lucan by 2
2-4 to 8 in Maurs

Any result from peregrines v tss