Adult Football League 5 (AFL5) 2023

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Will be an interesting league this year, Gers must fancy themselves this year having been in the mix all year with the 3 who got promoted and missed out in the playoffs!


Looks like O’Dwyers have been promoted to 5

Looks like Garda have pulled out of this league and O’Dwyers got pushed up

Garda not in 6 or 7 either.

Had heard they where struggling for numbers alright

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Wonder does that mean club no longer exists ? Or can they resurface in a year or two but if so do they go to the back of the queue ?
Same question I’d imagine applies to innisfails

Id imagine they’d have to start at the bottom like Ballyfermot. They went back to AFL 11 South

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I see a lot of westmanstown plays jumping in the last transfer window. No good reading unfortunately.

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