Adult Football League 6 (AFL6) 2018

I will get the ball rolling on this one, this thread has a lot to live up to.

St Oliver Plunketts ER
St Vincents
Thomas Davis
Whitehall Colmcille
St Judes
Civil Service Football
Fingal Ravens
Lucan Sarsfields
Bank of Ireland
Na Gaeil Oga
Naomh Mearnog
Craobh Chiarain


Difficult second album syndrome?

I’d say Davis have a good chance of promotion. Good young team.
Lucan will be strong again too provided they don’t come up against any minors.
Any predictions?

Wanderers v Whitehall called off. Pitch unplayable. Poor form by wanderers.

Wanderers pitch was in bits and there’s no way it only happened overnight - it wasn’t even lined! This is the 3rd or 4th time we’ve gone over there and it was called off because of the condition of the pitch! Poor form is right!

Na Gaeil Óga had a good win over over Craobh who had only 14 players at the begining and finished with 13 I think, due to injury.

Fails beat Judes by 1.

Craobh were inter champ semi finalists few yrs ago falling a long way since. Hurling takes preferance

Nga are a good side. Improving all the time. Same as there hurlers.

lucan beat crumlin 1-14 to 1-7

I’d imagine you Whitehall boys are just raging at the couple of euro lost in petrol :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What happened exactly? Was the pitch in absolute bits? Surely they woulda let yous know?

Great result for the wee Davis by the way.

I wasn’t there this morning myself, but I was there on Saturday afternoon and I have to say based on how the pitch was then I was very surprised to hear it was called off.
The pitch was soft in places but it wasn’t holding any water and wasn’t mucky or anything like that on Sat afternoon.
There was rain on Saturday night/Sunday morning but not sure how bad it was.
But based on the condition on Saturday I can tell you that I’ve often played and been at matches on much worse pitches both in Wanderers and away matches.

As an aside, @AlwaysNumber1, you must be paying a long time if this is the 3rd or 4th time you have had games called off in Wanderers, I can only think of 3 or 4 matches called off on the morning of the match for years, and one was after a downpour of snow the previous night and as far as I remember the opposition didn’t travel that time as there was no way anything was going to be played.
I can’t be sure, but I would think it’s quite unlikely that all the others called off were all against Whitehall!

I’d honestly say those two boys just want to expense the club for the trip out. They are that type.

A bit of foresight needed here. The pitch up there is always in sh!te condition at this time of year.

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I must look into the clubs mileage allowance and find out how much I’m owed.

The top end of the pitch was soft and possibly playable but when you walked onto the clubhouse end and you sink three inches into the soil or six to eight while running or turning, I think the referee was right to call it.

Maybe the wanderers lads don’t get mileage and that’s why they didn’t ask us to host them in Collins Ave which was very playable.

If Wanderers declared pitch unplayable Saturday would they had to play game in Whitehall?

Yeah they clearly didnt want to give up home advantage. Cant blame them I suppose

1. Where a home team is unable to provide a pitch for any reason the onus is on that home Club to switch any game fixed for there to a suitable alternate venue or to the opponent’s pitch if available. The CCC shall have the authority to appoint an alternate venue if it deems it necessary. It shall be the responsibility of the home club to make the necessary arrangements i.e. contact the opposition, referee, referee’s co-ordinator and CCC. Failure by a club to adhere to this regulation may entail loss of game with award to their opponents and a fine of €200. Where a venue is changed due to the unavailability of the original venue the starting time of the game must remain as fixed by CCC unless (i) the host Club can show that the replacement venue is in use at the scheduled start time and (ii) where both teams are in agreement to change the start time.
_ _
2. Where a pitch has not been declared unplayable by 6pm on the day prior to a morning fixture or 9am on the day of an afternoon or evening fixture the final decision on making such a declaration shall rest with the official referee in consultation with the CCC Chairman or Secretary and Park authorities. Failure by a club to adhere to this regulation may entail loss of game with award to their opponents and a fine of €200.

Plunketts lost 2-9 to 3-9 against Fingallians.