Adult Football League 7 (AFL7) 2018


Ballinteer St Johns
Geraldine P. Morans
Liffey Gaels
Naomh Barrog
Naomh Olaf
Scoil UÍ Chonaill
St Annes
St Brigids
St James Gaels An Caisleán
St Sylvesters
St Margarets
St Marys (S)

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Few close games over the weekend - should make for an interesting season ahead.

St Marys 1-14, Liffey Gaels 0-10

St Marys 0-12, St James Gaels 0-12

Heard there was a mix up with scoreline and Gaels won?

Ref had it that James Gaels won by a point, did a re-count and then gave the draw score.

Ref has sent in his report as St Marys 0-11, St James Gaels 0-12, correction issued by CCC today

Are gers playing Mary’s this morning?


Gers won a score line of 1-12 to 0-8.

Thanks for that LHGPM. Gers progressing nicely year after year it seems. Do you know have they many local lads?

10 of starting 15 yesterday started out with club from underage up.

What club are you from Condor?

I see ye get a couple Clare lads. Good players. Will be between yourselves and Olafs for League and expect James Gaels, Liffey Gaels, Ballinteer and Scoil Ui Chonaill to challenge for remaining spot.

Olafs will probably win it out with ourselves in the shake up hopefully for what’s left to be had. Plenty of teams that will take points off each other.

You still playing a bit?

Good to hear that. There must be a big effort happening at underage. The area will benefit from the GAA presence. Hopefully you continue to grow.

I’m from olafs originally but live by Gers. I think the two teams have been promoted together the last couple of years. I hope to see gers carry on progressing and maybe get to inter within the next few years. Have you a minor team this year?

The odd AFL 11 game but mainly running now. Olafs seem to have a few lads regraded. Is James Gill playing on that team? I see Darren Magee is still great with ye at juvenile level. Did he move down the country? I remember him playing with some Westmeath club last year.

Darren moved down to Athlone and is playing with the Athlone club but still Gers GDO. James Gill played against us in cup last year, don’t know much else beyond that.

Played Olafs last year for first time, was 1st game in league and they hammered us. Us going inter a fair bit off to be honest, have a minor team alright.

Arrived 10 mins late and Gaels led 5pts to no score. For the rest of half Morans owned the ball and sides were level at 5pts each at halftime. 2nd half was very evenly matched. Gaels led by a point heading into 3 mins of injury time. With time just up Gaels keeper gifted a short kick out to Morans 14 who lobbed the ball over keepers head into net to give them a 2pt win. Thought ref done very well.

O’Tooles 1-11 Garristown 0-12

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St Marys 3-17, St Annes 2-7