Adult Football League 7 (AFL7) 2019

Ballinteer St Johns
Ballyboden St Endas
Kilmacud Crokes
Liffey Gaels
Naomh Barrog
Naomh Mearnog
Scoil UÍ Chonaill
St Annes
St Brigids
St James Gaels An Caisleán
St Margarets
St Marys (S)
St Oliver Plunketts ER
St Sylvesters
St Vincents

Cheers. Any idea when we can expect Fixtures :thinking:?

Dates look like this. Fixtures will come out after the dates are ratified on Monday afaik.
I’d say a week or so.

17 February 2019 Sunday League 1
03 March 2019 Sunday League 2
31 March 2019 Sunday League 3
14 April 2019 Sunday Champ 1
28 April 2019 Sunday Champ 2
07 May 2019 Tuesday League 4
12 May 2019 Sunday League 5
21 May 2019 Tuesday League 6
26 May 2019 Sunday League 7
09 June 2019 Sunday League 8
18 June 2019 Tuesday League 9
25 June 2019 Tuesday League 10
07 July 2019 Sunday League 11
16 July 2019 Tuesday League 12
28 July 2019 Sunday League 13
18 August 2019 Sunday League 14
01 September 2019 Sunday League 15
15 September 2019 Sunday Champ 3
29 September 2019 Sunday Q/f
13 October 2019 Sunday S/f
21 October 2019 Sunday Final
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Brigids gone from AFL 7. Will there AFL 10 needs to step up?

bad form this close to season opener to pull out

Brigids seem to be struggling . Couple years they had 4 teams in top 4 Divisions. Their third team relegated from 4 last year so probably why 7 team gone. Interesting to see if AFL 10 step up. Round Towers AFL9 folded and their AFL 10 team had to go up. You see this with a lot the big clubs walking through leagues and when gets tough withdraw team or jump down a couple divisions.

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As per the rules the afl 10 side is now afl 7…always lowest ranked team to go to stop as you said winning handy leagues…

Brigids match is off tomorrow in AFL7

Crokes beat mearnogs by 5 or 6 on friday night. Crokes 4th team with lads who would walk into most div 3 teams beating are 2nd team , slotting points over from the 45 on the side line for fun. Scored 3 goals in the 1st 5 mins which killed the game.

Who had Crokes playing for them?


He must be 42/43 now.

Was playing in div 8 last year.

Probabaly to the detriment of their afl5 team.

Annes won away to Vincents

According to hill 16 website st brigids have conceded every game in this league is this true can someone confirm this please

If it’s the case I don’t see why the afl 10 team isn’t parachuted up to 7 as has happened already this year…unless the Co board are saying there’s a rule for certain clubs and one for the others

While, I get what you are saying and the club should perhaps still have to pay a fee/fine…

I think it would be grossly unfair to those lads at Div 10 to HAVE to play at 7 and get whipped. With the greatest respect, the lads in Div 10 are presumably playing for the joy of it, and there is no fun in getting your arse handed to you on a bi-weekly basis…


So if that team wins a handy div 10 when they should have went up…are you telling me that no player from the afl 7 team is now on that team…so you don’t want them whipped in afl 7 but its OK if they hand out a load of trimmings in div 10 coz it’s for fun?

The Brigids Divison 10 team scored 1-01 from play in their first league game yesterday there were no Divison 7 players playing for them .

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