Adult Football League 7 (AFL7) 2019

Yet…doubt a panel of div 7 just won’t play anymore and if they’re pulling out of 7 I doubt all the players will go up

It’s trying to find common ground and a rule for all clubs that’s equal. Can’t have different rules for different clubs


Exactly my point

Players from the Divison 7 team that have decided to stay playing will be playing Divison 5 as that team is lucky to field on its own

Never good to hear a team is struggling to field…but the rule is the rule…if a team is pulled its the lowest team to go…happened to Parnells a couple seasons ago and only just happened RTC last week so I don’t understand what the difference is

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and that Round Towers is mainly a over 35 team. Unfair on them to be pushed up a division if Brigids are allowed to stay in 10.

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I dont think i argued about the rule . I responded to the point where it was said the Div 10 team would walk the league . If this team has to go up and play in AFL 7 im sure they will. The first the Div 10 team heard of the team conceeding was on this forum which shows how close the teams are

The Towers team entered AFL11 as a social team last year. Did well and won the league. Told to play AFL9 as team in that league folded week before league started. Most of the lads are over 40 so that’s the end of them in regards to playing. AFL9 is a good standard, you’d need to training twice a week as a team to win it imo.

Fair enough @Ford95 I take your point however I doubt very much you can assess them after 1 league game…lads who aren’t getting any football will surely play for the div 10 team after 3 games? Don’t know about you if I was training and not playing and there was another team to play for I’d be playing with that team…besides my point was they would walk the league if said players from 7 played

Yes that towers team was actually a good side last year . thought theyd have had a good shot of being promoted to AFL 9 this year . They beat Brigids both times theyve played in last 4 years both in Russell Park

That’s my point div 10 would suit that towers team…in 9 there are some handy teams and if its a social team that doesn’t train may be a long season ahead…anyway I’m gonna stop taking up this thread

What happens if a team folds one game into season . Are the clubs bottom team still obliged to move up ?

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Yes that’s the rule…few seasons back Parnells afl 7 folded with 2/3 games to go and the Parnells team 2nd in div 9 had to fulfil the fixtures for the afl 7 team…

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According to the rules, Yes.

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Apparently Brigids AFL7 side was withdrawn from the 2019 competitions a week or 2 ago but the league fixtures etc had already been published.

The rules should be applied consistently, no doubt…
But perhaps the rule is the problem.

I think if you pull a team at this late stage, the club itself is at fault for not being organised enough early doors to know what sort of numbers they have…and should have to pay the penalty.

I do not think that the players who have signed up for one thing (div 10) should be forced into fulfilling some obligation because the club F’d up.

I would hazard a guess that the reason their AFL7 side has disbanded is more to do with the higher teams drawing players up and there would not be too many moving down (that weren’t on the way down anyway)…Looking at the results of the AFL 3 and 5 teams at the w/e, this certainly looks to be the case…and as pointed out above, their 10’s scored 1-1 from play.

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I agree the rule is flawed but it’s there to stop clubs taking the piss…if yesterday is the norm all well and good…but what happens when lads aren’t getting any football are they not going to play at all? Or will they play in div 10 to get some football? It’s not ideal to be honest and I agree the lads on brigids 10 team shouldn’t be forced up BUT RTC were made to go up a league only last monday…what’s good for the goose and all


A bit of a rock and a hard place alright…

Brigids division 7 team last year had a load of over 40s on it and a good few were double jobbing with Dub over 40s as well. Had a tidy team but results and player availability were going against them.

Do Towers not still have a team in 9/10 or what’s happened?