Adult Football League 7 (AFL7) 2023

AFL7 2023

Ballinteer St Johns
Ballyboden St Endas
Beann Eadair
Craobh Chiaráin
Na Fianna
Naomh Barrog
Naomh Mearnóg
Ranelagh Gaels
Scoil Uí Chonaill
St Annes
St Peregrines
St Sylvesters
St Vincents
Stars of Erin

5 teams are moving up from AFL8 from last year (Castleknock, Na Fianna, Ranelagh Gaels, Scoil Ui Chonaill and Stars of Erin)…I imagine some of them may be going back down next year.

Ranelagh finished in bottom half of 8 last year? Seems to be Na Fianna last year AFL5 team who lost relegation playoff to Brendans? Did that team win a junior championship?

Is that Ciarans first team?

Na Fianna AFL 5 team last year won Junior 1 All County against Castleknock


Hadn’t realised they had fallen so far, I remember playing them in Div 2

They’ve been in AFL 7 the last few years i think. Might have been in AFL 6 in 2018

How does that work 5 coming up? How many teams moved up to d6

How did margerts end up in d6? Lost the play off final last year

I think they were in Division 1 for one year. They had a few Dublin minor players at the time.

They were, they had been Div 1 the season before if I remember right

Innsfails where supposed to be in 7 but look to be gone so that would have been one placed filled from Div 8 teams

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Ranelagh finished 5 in the league last year. From what I could work out Na Fianna seem to have pulled there team that was dropping from 5 to 6 and then with Innsfails folding that seems to have created an extra 2 spots in 7.

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Surely it’s Na Dianna’s division 8 team from last year that finished third? And the division 5 team folded? Seems strange regardless for a team just off the back of winning a junior 1 championship, I imagine this team will probably be a mix of those two teams

My bad. I was mixing up Ranelagh from a previous season. They were always contenders in 8 but remem them having a off season in recent years.

First round of matches up


I’d say a few of the teams promoted from 8 will go straight up to 6. Div doesn’t look that strong and there’s not much of a gulf between those relegated from 6 versus those promoted from 8 when you’re playing at this level

Based on what exactly ?

If ciarans had their hurlers togged for majority of year. They will do well. Very hard to predict otherwise. Garristown and James gaels were the best two teams by a distance in this league last year.